Prophecy and Iron Banner dungeon return in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

It’s another weekly reset Destiny 2: Beyond Light, And we are looking for new activities for the Guardians to complete now that the Prophecy Dungeon and the Iron Banner are back. Here is our guide to help you.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light Return of the Iron Banner and Prophecy Dungeon

If you are eager to grab more Peak rewards to upgrade your characters in a Destiny 2: Beyond LightThen, the Prophecy Dungeon and the Iron Banner are covered. One of the most commendable parts was the Prophecy Dungeon Fate 2: the arrival season. It had some great and challenging encounters, as well as an odd design that made it unforgettable (like this “Rainbow Road” section).

Iron Sign Guide to Fate 2 After the Prophecy of Light 1a

The confrontations themselves emphasized the mechanics of “light and dark”, which you had to reconcile and use in different battles. However, you can start the dungeon by opening the tower map on the destinations panel.

NB: If you are eager to learn more about these mechanisms and confrontations, head to our site Complete guide to dungeon prophecy.

Iron sign guide for Fate 2 after the prophecy of light 1b

For Iron Banner, this is the first time the event has popped up Destiny 2: Beyond Light. As usual, there is a mission that you can complete to obtain armor pieces. The downside is that this is just an iron fellowship group Destiny 2First year. In fact, we will not see anything new on this front whether it is armor or weapons. This led to a lot of Players disappointed.

In any case, Iron Banner has four weekly rewards that you can complete, and each one gives you a starting point:

  • Division Pack – Defeat 100 goalkeepers while another teammate helps you.
  • Maneuver Warfare – Defeat 75 Goalkeepers while your team has an edge. Earn additional progression during the Hunt (all 3 regions are crowned).
  • Arsenal of Tricks – defeat 100 guards with abilities. Earn extra kills or superhero kills against guardians with higher power level.
  • Defeat – Defeat 200 Goalkeepers. Earn additional progression by killing versus guardians with higher energy level.

Iron Sign Guide to Fate 2 after the Light Prophecy 2

Important steps iron banner

Iron Banner’s job steps shown below are out of courtesy Remember, you don’t need to complete all of these goals within the week. You can still do this at a later time after Iron Banner returns Destiny 2: Beyond Light Where progress will be kept.

Step 1: shaped like an iron

  • Capture 10x regions.
  • Defeat 30 times the Guardians.
  • Get 5 times the capacity of the Void Kill.

Step two: No games, no sympathy

  • Pick up 20x areas.
  • Get 25 kills Energy Weapon.
  • Complete 6x Iron Banner matches.

The third step: pay respect

  • Capture areas of 30x.
  • Defeat 100x the Guardians.
  • Get 20 kills Scout Rifle.

Step 4: rebuilding the tower

  • Capture areas 40x.
  • Get 15 Super Kills.
  • Get 15 grenade launchers. Do not forget Try Hokemon If you already have it.

Fifth step: raising the flag

  • Capture 50x zone.
  • Get 10 headshot.
  • Complete 15x Iron Banner matches.

Also, on a final note, go ahead and check out Destiny 2The companion app for iOS And the Male in appearance Stores. You should be able to claim the grants now using the app. This saves you a little bit of time because you won’t need to go back to the tower after some matches just to grab the trophies.

D2bl Ib Proph 1

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Available via steam. For more information, check out our website Manual and hub features.

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