New DLC content boom for Precision Farming in Farming Simulator 19

The Farming simulator The series has spent its many years on the market gradually struggling to add more realistic mechanics to its gameplay. Now, developer GIANTS Software is pushing things into real farmers’ land with its new release Precision Farming DLC ​​for Farming simulator 19.

This new DLC (free for all players) adds a whole new level of depth to gameplay. If you really want to go deep into the dirt with your skills, this is for you. That’s because Precision Farming’s Downloadable Content is exactly as its name suggests – a more in-depth look at the mechanics of the gameplay. To improve your field output, the DLC provides soil samples. There are four different types of soil: Loamy Sand, Sandy Loam, Loam, and Silty Clay. By sampling, you will have specific data about what type of soil each field contains (and different parts of the field can contain different types of soil – for example half a clay sand, half another loamy sand). Once you collect the data, you will then be able to grow crops that are best suited for each soil type. Additionally, Precision Farming DLC ​​also adds monitoring the pH and nitrogen levels in your field. Improving these levels includes spreading lime every now and then, which was already introduced when Farming simulator 19 It was launched at the beginning.

On top of all these cool new field mechanics, Precision Farming DLC ​​adds even more improvements for AI workers. By placing a radar station on your farm, AI workers can use GPS-enabled devices to more efficiently handle their workloads for each field. This, in turn, will save resources, especially the most important resource, which is money.

Well, are you still with me? Yep, I’m a little overwhelmed, too. Thankfully, Giants made a helpful (and surprisingly brief) video that breaks everything down.

Fortunately, this downloadable content is completely optional. Hence, if you still want to make your farm work as simple as possible, then you don’t have to worry about all these new mechanisms. Nevertheless, it’s impressive to see the giants push the series deeply into realism. Farming simulator 19 He still has his problems, but this is a good step in the right direction. However, I must say that it is a little strange that the developers went this far, however, the showers still have zero effect on the fields to this day. However, work on the DLC has yet to be completed, with Giants confirming that this is a “two-year project”. So, expect more improvements to be worked on and adding features over time.

If you want new content for Farming simulator 19 Don’t feel like you need to attend a college class to understand it, then the recently released one Alpine expansion pack It might be over in your alley.

Farming simulator 19 He is now 2 years old and still something on the horizon regarding the caliph, who would have been released now under normal circumstances. It appears, at least for now, that the giants are more than willing to hold on to this title for some time.

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