MSI RTX 3090 shipment was stolen from factory in China

As if things can’t get any worse with a GPU shortage this year, MSI has reported that the RTX 3090 shipment was stolen directly from its factory in Shenzhen, China. The news broke across Tom’s devices, Who cited a Chinese source @ GoFlying8 on Twitter. The source provided official documents from MSI on the matter which revealed that the cost of the theft was calculated at approximately 2,200,000 CNY (CNY). When converting to US dollars, this is approximately $ 339,000.

The MSI documentation did not reveal exactly how many units were stolen and instead simply stated that 40 boxes of RTX 3090s were missing. A simple arithmetic conversion indicates that the total number of lost cards could be as high as 225. While this is not a staggering blow to the global supply, it is still disappointing to say the least. Even those GPUs of $ 1500 + USD are still unavailable due to Shortage of global supplies And only speculators have Make things more expensive.

There seem to be worse things than speculators

Looking at the (translated) documents, we can see that MSI suspects the theft was committed by thieves who have access to inside knowledge. The stolen cards appear to have been taken from the factory’s shipping area. The site was under video surveillance, but the thieves seemed to know exactly what they were looking for. After discovering the theft, MSI reported the crime to local authorities, but it also offers a reward of 100,000 RMB (US $ 15,000) for information leading to successful recovery of stolen property.

Given the huge profit potential even on the black market, it is unlikely that any of the thieves will change their minds. It’s impossible to say where these cards might end up, but it certainly reinforces appeals from the gaming community not to buy from brokers or any unauthorized retailers. Hopefully, this is just one video card theft incident as MSI and other manufacturers / retailers will definitely be more careful going forward.

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