The best skills and powers to focus on

There are many skills and powers that you can spend on it High Immortals PhoenixSo it can really help you figure out what’s worth Investment. This way, you will reap the benefits of getting it sooner. Although there are more than enough coins to go around, you can also spend your old coins appropriately instead of getting stuck on things that you don’t use often.

You can use coins to upgrade both skills and valid powers. Skills are general use and are added to Fenyx’s virtual movement range and divine powers are specific attacks and abilities that utilize stamina. Since mobility is of great importance in High Immortals Phoenix, I suggest looking for skills related to those first. For starters, do double-jumping ASAP. This does exactly what it says and allows Fenyx to jump back into the air. It remains constantly useful and there’s no reason not to have it all the time. Next up is the glide boost skill, which allows you not only to glide faster but use less stamina while doing so. You’ll be flying a lot, so this is a skill I consider mandatory.

Then you have a climbing jump. This allows you to climb more quickly with less stamina use. It’s basically a climbing version to enhance glide. Likewise, you will do a lot of climbing and may get to where you go faster. The last movement skill I recommend is Enhanced Dribbling, which lets you dribble five times in a row instead of the default three. It’s hugely useful for maneuvering out of harm’s way and will further help secure those perfect quirks you want to pin down.

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Swing, swing, swing

As for the weapon’s skills High Immortals Phoenix-You should purchase the finishing tools of the sword and ax early too. These additional hits and damage add to the end of the base Sword and Ax combos. This accumulates extra damage and keeps your enemies engaged for longer, so they are a no-brainer. I also recommend getting a sword launcher, which allows you to press the attack button and shoot your enemies into the air, creating an air group. This works on small and medium enemies and is very useful. Air combos allow you to reconcile your enemies and leave them completely defenseless. The ax cleavage skill works well with this as well, as it lets you hit your enemies into the ground with a hard hit, and it’s perfect for fighting off enemies.

Divine powers are coming. I find two of these are more practical than the others. Hephaistos’ hammer deals a lot of damage to individual targets, making it great to use against even bigger enemies High Immortals Phoenix. It does normal and stun damage as well. I suggest purchasing this device and its charging upgrades, as the damage is significant. The other thing you want is Phosphor’s Shockwave, which adds a tripping effect to every Phosphor attack. This works in conjunction with Hephaistos’s Hammer, as you can use a Phosphor attack and leave any enemy without a highly defenseless shield for a few seconds and use that time to charge a powerful hammer swing.

On the other hand, Ares’ anger is fatal for releasing many small enemies into the air. I’ll make sure I have at least the simplest version of this when getting into combat, as it belittles these enemies. Herakles’s Leap, an extension of the booster power, allows you to draw yourself to any enemy, which is infinitely useful against flying enemies. However, the follow-up force is not worth focusing on, as it often does not work. Finally, Phosphor’s Clone creates a version of Fenyx where it stands. This can make any switching puzzles much easier and less time consuming thus easier to recommend. That’s all about the skills and powers found in High Immortals Phoenix.

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