Minecraft Trident: Magic, Recipe, and How to Farm

The Minecraft trident has been present in Minecraft Java Edition since Water Update (Java Edition 1.13) as a rare spot from sunken enemies. The Trident is easily one of Minecraft’s best weapons as not only can it be used in melee and long range combat, but even its unenchased form can bring out more than Diamond sword, Although its attack speed is slightly lower. Plus, if you’re working on your target, you can throw a trident for up to 80 blocks.

Interestingly, you can’t make a Minecraft trident, so you can’t find a recipe for this underwater gun. Instead, you’ll need to grab one of the cold, dead, and awesome hands of a drowning horde, one of the new zombies introduced with the Aquatic update.

The fact that the Minecraft trident is a mob drop and Diamond Sword power make it an excellent weapon early in your Minecraft adventure, provided you are powerful enough to take out the sink. Below we’ll walk you through how to get your Minecraft trident, plus what Minecraft magic You can upgrade it by using.

How to get the Minecraft Trident

Head underwater and look up Zombie mobs Called drowning. Sometimes these chapters will appear in the world holding a trident spear, so you simply have to defeat them to have a chance to fall off a trident, but that chance is very small at 8.5%. However, if you play in a Bedrock or Pocket Edition, there is a small chance that the Trident will fall from a drowning without a trident, so it’s worth killing any drowning you come across while trying to get your hands full on one of these. You can also use it Minecraft seeds To create underwater worlds to have a chance to spawn dawned zombie hordes.

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In the Java Edition, only 6.25% of the sinking spawn carries a trident, while the chance is slightly higher in the Bedrock version of 15%. You can increase your chances if you have loot magic, so be sure to come up with this equipment to make your farming more efficient.

Trident Minecraft Repair

These drop rates mean that the Minecraft trident is extremely challenging to acquire and you will likely spend hours diving in for one. You’ll want to grow a few of them too, because the random durability means it’s only a matter of time for one of them to break. To fix Trident in Minecraft, you can simply combine two Trident’s Anvil.

The durability of the Trident in Minecraft is the same as Iron Sword – 250 – and durability degrades by one point with each use. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time farming for trids, consider its magic with Mending so durability takes care of itself.

Minecraft trident stats for Java Edition

The Trident is considered a powerful and versatile weapon, with an Attack speed 1.1 A standard attack deals nine points of damage. Seals, ends Decisive hit with Trident and can take off 13 points From harm. The Attack deals ranged from eight points Of damage, which is much more than an uncharged arc shot, but one point less than a fully charged arc shot.

The magic of Minecraft Trident

Another stylish feature of Trident is that it can carry unique charm. Here is the complete list of Minecraft trident magic:

  • Wafaa – Spelled banners will return to the player after a few seconds.
  • Guidance – If a Trident strikes a crowd during a thunderstorm, then a lightning bolt will be called out, causing piles of damage.
  • Riptide – Throwing a trident underwater or in the rain moves the player, causing splash damage.
  • Impaling – Causes additional engagement damage and mixed water crowd damage (do not drown). In the Bedrock version, this exercise is extended to all mobs who live in the rain or underwater.
  • Unbroken – Increases durability.
  • Repair – When the Trident is equipped, any bundled XP balls fix the trident instead of enhancing the player’s experience.
  • The curse of the demise – Trident disappears at death.

And there you have it, everything you need to know to get your Minecraft trident, fix it, and its magic. The Trident is definitely one of the best weapons in Vanilla Minecraft, so it’s definitely worth adding to your outfit. You can also create a file Minecraft shield To use it alongside a Minecraft trident to take down enemies, especially if you are venturing to go with the Minecraft Nether.

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