Fall Guys developers announced four new holiday themed outfits

My voice Show 4 new clothes regarding Fall guys In period 3 via her social network accounts today. Players will definitely have 4 brand new outfits to unlock.

An all-new Candlestick costume has been revealed on Twitter and also launched on Instagram. TikTok followers got their first look at the Yeti costume, as did Discord personnel get the initial look of the latter outfit, which is a perfect imperial outfit for high-profile players.

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The sconce outfit was specifically revealed on Twitter and also provides each character with a unique look covered in wax. The upper part of the costume includes a lit fuse, however, there is likely no risk of fire.

The reindeer costume was first revealed on Instagram in addition to allowing players to play as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The outfit consists of a popular red nose and a full deer outfit plus a cheerful bell around the neck.

TikTok customers got the first look of the Yeti costume, which includes a full beard as well as unshaven fringes. The outfit also includes a beanie that is perfect for winter.

The final outfit is revealed on the main one Fall guys Web server disharmony. Includes a special headpiece plus outfits that look like a queen or a princess.

Their official announcement tweet simply reads, “CANDLE” with all their social media links including Discord. Mediatonic is communicating well with its fanbase to coordinate bugs and game improvements. Recently, developers have taken up the start of a game bug that players start in the air, and as the countdown ends, players are immediately eliminated from the start.

The developers also sparked their fan base in the future the deathSkin related Fall guys. The tweet also received a response from the official the death Account as well. The previously dominant game has taken a slope due to the launch of other games and the players’ loss of interest in replaying it. The Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout The channel on Twitch receives somewhere in the 5000 viewers, a far cry from its hype schedule. But with more content and potential partnerships, Mediatonic can turn things back to their glory days.

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In fact Mediatonic didn’t reveal its main starting day Fall guys Period 3, however, is likely to be fast, and think of brand-new clothing is the theme of the holidays. Brand-new clothes are sure to be included in the things store, so be sure to keep your crowns so you can have brand new clothes.

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