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There are a lot of puzzles in High Immortals Phoenix And I think people will be surprised by the amount variety On display. So, we’ve put together some tips that will help explain the types of puzzles the game has to offer as well as tricks to make it a little easier for new players. The game also has hints for puzzles that are offered more freely depending on the difficulty you are playing on.

Puzzles in High Immortals Phoenix It comes in multiple varieties. Shuffle puzzles exist, where you only need to place blocks, boxes, or rocks on top of the switches to weight them. These are fairly simple, of course, but different switches require different amounts of weight. A switch with a feather icon will be pressed by practically anything, so you can put a single box or rock on it and it will light up. Larger keys with Tetris-esque symbols on them require a little more. You will need to keep adding weight to these until all four lights are on. Take a small metal cube or a large metal cube. Metal blocks can be used to block the laser as well, although the boxes will be damaged immediately.

Cubes can only be pushed out slowly, so you’ll need to plan accordingly. Unless you have a power upgrade that lets you lift it up with your installers. This makes a lot of the puzzles a lot easier since you can just pick them up and place them anywhere you want. Even without that power, the Fenyx can still pick up all the smaller things, although it can only jump while carrying anything that weighs less than a metal cube. You will need to place these before you can jump in. Another strength you want is Phosphor’s Clone, which allows you to create a version of Fenyx where you stand. That’s enough weight to form half the heavyweight of the keys, which not only greatly simplifies those puzzles, but means that you don’t often need to find hidden cubes to weigh the cubes you find in the world. Just put copies on it and things will get a lot easier. You can also call your easel and have them stand on the external switches, which is something that is easy to exploit.

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A couple of other major interactions require the use of an arc. These come in the form of throwable targets and lamps that must be ignited. Just like in Zelda, Having an arrow passing through the flame ignites the fire and you just need to fire a pointed arrow and make it hit an unlit flame to watch the flame come to life. Both targets and flares High Immortals Phoenix It’s often locked and you’ll often need to stand on a switch that only Fenyx can activate before shooting.

Then there are the puzzles where you spin large wooden or metal balls around. Fenyx cannot pick it up and can either roll it by hand or pull it off with the stents. Much like a large cube, Fenyx can only use supports to move metals with purchased divine power. But there is another way to animate them: the divine power of Hephaestus’ hammer. Using a regular swing will push them forward, while a charged swing will push them up. There is even a Tartaros Vault where you need to use this to play golf.

That’s all for those High Immortals Phoenix Puzzle tips. Make sure and keep weak gold walls and remember that your fasteners can hold blocks through holes as long as the walls are not solid and they should be fine.

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