Sabrent is close to launching a whopping 16 TB solid state drive (SSD) for consumers

SSDs with the most capacity are coming to the consumer market, and it is no surprise that Sabrent is the driving force behind one of them – the 16 TB model in a 2.5-inch form factor, with a SATA interface.

Basically this means that the focus is more on capacity than speed. I’m assuming it’s not possible (yet) to cram 16 TB of NAND flash memory to an M.2 drive with an NVMe interface (as shown above, as it doesn’t yet offer 2.5-inch models). However, compared to mechanical hard drives, SATA SSDs offer a perceptible and noticeable performance boost, from faster boot times to smoother Windows mobility. It really is a difference day and night going from hard drive to SSD, SATA or other.

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