Legion Patch addresses many PC problems

Watch Dogs: Legion Launched in nearly all systems, with the splatter Already posted. Xbox seems to have had the worst performance with the saving issue yet to be fixed, causing hours of progress lost. However, the PC and PlayStation both had problems as well, and all platforms received some fixes with the 2.30 patch.

Let’s take a look at global changes first and foremost. Ubisoft has addressed an issue where players can change difficulty and duration options from the main menu. Speaking of death, another major issue in this regard has been fixed. Some players will die as a factor in Deathmatch mode, not seeing their other characters reproduce as yet. This essentially resulted in the game becoming unplayable from that point on, and a full restart was required from the start.

Elsewhere, a black screen issue has been resolved in all systems, which could occur when opening doors to hidden rooms. In a somewhat more negative change, Ubisoft has also fixed an infinite money bug. Players discovered that some ETO vaults can be used to grant infinite amounts of in-game cash. You’ll have to go back to GTA So cheat now.


Well now we turn to the specific computer problems. Prior to Update No. 2.30, there were several collisions that nearly caused freeway build-up in London in the near future. However, Ubisoft has tried to fix as many as possible with this patch, including crashes caused by simple actions like accessing your inventory or team member list.

Some complex errors and accidents have also been considered. Apparently, crashes can occur when ray tracing is enabled or disabled, and that has now been fixed. Something similar can happen when the game detects a new input device, which patch 2.30 also looked at. There are more bugs and crashes fixed with the latest update as well, and more detail in an Last reddit.

Watch Dogs Legion Patch

For the massive AAA game to have many bugs at launch, that is a matter of concern. Graphic issues here and there are the rule, but crashes and especially save issues shouldn’t occur at this point. Remember, the game was Lateness Several times over the course of its development. Let’s hope more people enjoy purchasing after the 2.30 patch for Watch Dogs: Legion.

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