Warhammer II – How to awaken Ariel and heal the magical forest

Awakening Ariel by healing Witchwood’s magical forest is a major goal of Twilight Sisters in a Total War: Warhammer II. This process is actually part of Elven wood rework Also, but we’ll discuss it in detail in this guide.

NB: This guide is based on how a Vortex campaign is viewed on VH / VH difficulty level. For more information, check out our website Total War: Warhammer II – The Twisted & The Twilight Manual and hub features.

Total War: Warhammer II – Ariel conquered, heal magic forest, manage desert lands

Once you start Total War: Warhammer II The campaign is named for the Sisters of Twilight, you are told that you can acquire the goddess Demi Ariel as a mythical hero. To do this, you will have to tackle the nearby magical forest, Witchwood, in order to obtain 100 HP.

This is easier said than done because the process is a bit more complicated, as mentioned in Essay feature, It can get pretty boring, too.

Tww2 Sot Arl 1a

First, take a look at Witchwood. This is a district with only one settlement with 10 building blocks. Likewise, you will notice that Magic Forest conferring benefits once it reaches certain health limits.

Many of these effects actually apply to your entire species, so it’s a somewhat negative way to get hard hobbyists.

Tww2 Sot Arl 1b

Next, take out the army of Broken Chainz and invade the nearby settlement. If you pick it up, you’ll notice that controlling or sweeping it gives Witchwood some health as well.

Battles within the boundaries of magical forests or desert lands provide that extra health. You will also see this when desert lands are captured or destroyed.

Tww2 Sot Arl 1c

What exactly are the desert lands?

Heathlands are basically settlements adjacent to Magic Forest and have a light green palette. In the case of Witchwood, you have the following:

  • Ice Spire
  • Adeo Temple
  • The height of the Tyrant
  • Quintex Old Town

Since we are controlling a wild land and two others owned by a faction at war with it, we are given a penalty for the Magic Forest’s health. This means we need to capture or eventually destroy it.

NB: As for the factions with which you are not at war, you will not get any health if they are neutral and +1 health for each land country they possess if they are allied with you.

Tww2 Sot Arl 2a

I find that getting worthwhile allies can be inconvenient Total War: Warhammer IIVortex campaign, especially on high odds. Although these factions can act as a buffer, trying to make friends with them can be difficult (I have only managed to be friends with Sitra and Khatib, and neither of them have settlements in the desert lands). Moreover, if they are united, you will lose the benefits if you are not allied with the faction that devoured them.

In any case, Total War: Warhammer IIVortex’s campaign Vortex includes four magic forests each with several wild lands. I already mentioned Witchwood, but others are Gaean Vale (Ulthuan), The Sacred Pools (Lustria), and Oreon’s Camp (Southlands). Here’s what things look like in Camp Orion:

Tww2 Sot Arl 2b

Jungle Encounters

Obviously, trying to reach 100 Forest Health can be a tedious wait game due to the increased wins. But, there’s also a Forest Encounters mechanic to consider.

From time to time, you are prompted for a notice telling you that the infestation is gathering. Think of this as more of a “meeting at sea.” There are moments when you can quickly go to that location and ambush strength before it finishes mustering.

Ariel Hill's guide to magical forests in desert lands Total War Warhammer Ii Warhammer 2 1a

After that, there are times when you run into a dilemma. In some cases, these dilemmas impose a penalty but make the ordeal easier. In other cases, you might fight a weaker or stronger army.

Completing the forest encounters (be it battles or dilemmas) also results in the Magic Forest cure.

Ariel Heal Magical Forests Heathlands Guide Total War Warhammer Ii Warhammer 2 1c

Visit other magical forests

You can visit other magical forests in Total War: Warhammer IICampaign Map using Deeproots System. There are also some quests here tackling Witchwood (as well as the magical forest in that area). Likewise, as far as I know, meeting the jungle when you get to Camp Orion actually presents a dilemma that allows you to ally with this faction right away.

Anyway, we’ll talk more about this mechanic in our area Wood Elves Reframe Guide.

Ariel Hill's guide to magical forests in desert lands Total War Warhammer Ii Warhammer 2 2

Awaken Ariel

You can expect to reach Turn 30 before Ariel is unlocked. This depends on whether you went to war against Morathi to conquer / demolish the ancient town of Quintex, as well as how quickly you finished off the last Broken Chainz settlement.

Once Witchwood reaches 100 HP, Ariel will automatically spread next to the Sisters of Twilight.

Ariel Hill's guide to magical forests in desert lands Total War Warhammer Ii Warhammer 2 3a

Ariel is a legendary heroine and she’s so adorable. She is fully decorated with unique / purple equipment and many of her skills upgrade her spells and magic abilities. These include:

  • Jungle Gifts – Dart of Death and Oak of Ages.
  • Ripe pickles – berry wine.
  • AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL – add a pest of horror and brilliance of shine.

It’s also got some great perks to apply to in battle or those with campaign map effects:

  • Isha’s Blessings I & II – Amount of Wind of Magic, lower the chance of error, lower spell costs, and cut cool-down periods.
  • Aspects of Isha I & II – Increased health, armor-piercing weapon damage, infantry versus bounty, and enchantment attacks.
  • Greenery – +4 public system and +4 uncontaminated (local district).
  • On fertile land – + 5% tax, -20% construction time, and -20% construction costs (local county).
  • Jungle Call – +3 Lord and Hero Rank (at faction level).

Ariel Hill's guide to magical forests in desert lands Total War Warhammer Ii Warhammer 2 3b

Use Ariel as much as possible to improve her and acquire her skills. It’s sheer strength and more than just a match for any legendary master.

In any case, reaching 100 Witchwood Health isn’t the end because you still need to complete the rebirth rituals. This means it is time to talk about it The rest of Wood Elves rework.

Ariel Hill's guide to magical forests in desert lands Total War Warhammer Ii Warhammer 2 3c

Total War: Warhammer II – The Twisted & The Twilight Available via steam. For more information, check out our website Manual and hub features.

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