Sea of ​​Thieves is abandoning monthly season updates and adding seasons

Piracy on the high seas is a hungry business, especially when you have a whole crew who wants to savor the loot. Sea of ​​Thieves is still very popular to this day, if not more popular than ever. Rare is particularly fond of his achievements in growing the player base and improving his franchise over the years and has no plans to close the store any time soon. There are still a lot of complications financing development after all gamers simply want to expand features and follow content. With this in mind, Rare has it It adopted its development strategy For Sea of ​​thieves In 2021 to include seasons and quarterly content updates.

Some might see this as a regression, because the game is Receive monthly updates (In most cases) throughout 2020, but the battle pass could be the silver lining for other fans. This new battle is rarely called the Loot Pass, and will come in both free and paid formats. While the free version will definitely be a convertible package, the premium version will offer additional perks like Emporium discounts.

Just like in any other game, the Battle Pass will provide long-term progression rewards across 100 levels of content. There are rare hopes that the change will allow players to feel more satisfied with progress, especially during short gaming sessions. The developers stated that the battle pass progression will be achieved through “adventure, exploration, and combat with the world and with other players and all aspects of life at sea”, so there are no surprises there.

Good news for the seasons

Aside from the battle pass, we learned that Sea of ​​thieves The seasons will last for three months at a time. Hence, quarterly updates. Players can expect smaller events to come and go as usual, while other activities within the game will change over time as well. Season 1 will start sometime in January 2021, and will feature a new Merchant Alliance Journey that tasks you with locating a lost shipment of merchandise. More will likely be revealed once we get close to the start of Season 1. Of course there are more quality-of-life changes coming in Season 1 as well, but that’s all on the horizon for now.

Meanwhile, you can set your share of the return of a file Giving Festival Event. It naturally is a holiday themed event, so it should keep you fairly busy in the New Year. It starts on December 9th and will offer sign-in bonuses and gilt trips.

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