The best computer cooking games in 2020

What are the best cooking games on the computer? If you want to relax and create delicious masterpieces, or challenge your friends to some kitchen mess, the wonderful world of cooking games and restaurant games does not disappoint.

You don’t have to be a tender hand in the kitchen to work your way around these cooking games. If your guests, like us, are smiling politely through a plate of charred chicken and Gordon Ramsey’s perfection seems like a far-fetched dream, then these toys are a much more satisfying way to scratch that cooking itch.

The cooking game genre has a special focus on managing restaurants, and recipe preparation has taken a bit off the backseat since the release of Overcooked 2. Management games And the Simulation games Incorporating cooking as part of the experience, like farming in Stardew Valley or making a kitchen fire in The Sims. So, if you are looking for a more authentic cooking game, look no further as we have compiled a list of the best cooking games on PC from time management to puzzle games.

Here are the best cooking games on PC:

Overcooked 2

In Overcooked 2, you play the role of an animated chef with the sole aim of fulfilling customers’ requests by following recipes using various ingredients, utensils, and tools around the kitchen. Simple, right? No. Overcooked 2 increases difficulty with each new level, from single-ingredient sushi recipes in a standard kitchen, to working clouds over a burning hot air balloon while managing multiple pizza orders. It also means a lot of teamwork and communication – so a dirty collection of panels doesn’t build up and cost you valuable points.

work as one team: The The best cooperative games on the computer

Overcooked 2 doubles as platform elements for the first game, with levels featuring moving sections of the kitchen, jumping puzzles, and even transport belts. Plus, you can throw the ingredients around this time, which saves time – thank goodness Onion Kingdom doesn’t have food hygiene ratings.

GOG Cook Delicious Service 3

Cooking, serving, delicious! 3?!

The third installment of the popular cooking game series is finally launching in Steam Early Access. This time you’ll be traveling in your food truck to participate in the National Food Truck Championships, which means focusing more on street foods like ramen, Cuban sandwiches and poutine – God bless you, Québécois. We especially like the new cooling mode, which makes it one of the most popular Relaxation games By removing any time limits and letting you cook at your own speed.

Cooking simulator

Cooking simulator

Taking the art of cooking a little more seriously, Cooking Simulator is a first-person cooking game that lets you prepare, slice and dice away at the workstations of the top kitchen. Career Mode lets you grow your reputation and culinary skills, unlock new ingredients and recipes along the way. Or if you prefer to relax and relieve stress with sandbox mode, you will be able to access all the recipes and ingredients you may need.

Cooking Simulator can actually improve your cooking skills, as the fully equipped kitchen has an abundance of ingredients and equipment that test your cooking abilities. Much of Cooking Simulator is based on physics, which adds a degree of tension to even basic burger twists – the possibilities for messing with horrible things are endless.

Cooking Games, Battle Chef Brigade

Battle of the Chief of the Brigade

this is Anime game Included for its beautiful hand-drawn art style and RPG development in cooking games. You’ll need to search for and pick up your ingredients before returning them to the kitchen – the more cooking tools you can loot, the better the dish you’ll end up in with this exciting cooking game that combines a 2D fight against monsters in different locations with an inspired cooking puzzle game From 3 matches to win competitions to get the best meal.

The Battle Chef Brigade is available as a local multiplayer or single-player campaign, with a variety of challenges and modes that make it feel refreshing.

Dungeon Munchies cooking games

Dungeon Munchies

Far from being a traditional cooking game, Dungeon Munchies is a 2D game Platform game Where your best survival bet is to craft perfect recipes to get the maximum amount of nutrients from the ingredients. Oh, and these ingredients are your enemies, so slay some broccoli devils and you can steam them for later use. Dungeon Munchies is currently on Steam Early Access, but it is actually getting two Michelin stars from Steam reviewers.

A kitchen in one of the best cooking games, Minecraft, thanks to Cooking with Blockheads mod

Maine Craft

For mushroom soup fanatics, we imagine Minecraft easily makes their list of top cooking games, but the rest of us might be left hungry for a little more variety when it comes to preparing Minecraft food. Fortunately medically inclinations, with a little Minecraft mods And these are great Minecraft Kitchen Ideas You get a fully functional kitchen where you can prepare anything from asparagus quiche to Yorkshire pudding.

There are several mods that add extra depth of cooking in Minecraft, but we recommend these two. Pam harvest Adds more than 275 kinds of foods and recipes to the game, trees and crops from which to harvest your ingredients. Cooking for block owners It will help you understand the mess by providing you with a cookbook that shows you everything you can make with your ingredients. It also adds up all the blocks you’ll need to create a fully functional kitchen – oven, sink, refrigerator, etc – you know what’s going into the kitchen.

Restaurant games

Cooking games, chef restaurant management game

Chef: Restaurant Dealer Game

This restaurant tycoon game focuses a little less on cooking and more Management games-Complete with a customizable chef and a host of style options for your new restaurant. There are plenty of recipes as well as a recipe maker, so you can organize your menu and theme for the restaurant, allowing you to be the very best in your burgers – if that’s your thing.

As you progress, you’ll unlock skills and evolve your roster, and the world will interact with your choices. It’s all about balancing the cost of your dishes and providing a service that customers will return to. It’s very challenging, but the results are worth it. It’s still in Steam Early Access, so expect some bugs and missing features.

Cooking games, dash cooking

The cooking dash

Time and restaurant management game with kooky story campaign delivered as comic strips. Cooking Dash uses retro animation and satisfying design to keep you connected. Cooking Dash increases the difficulty level as it progresses, but it is one of the most difficult Relaxation games To switch to.

Main Street Cake Mania baking games

Cake Mania Main Street

If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, Cake Mania Main Street follows the Cake Mania Collection, adding savory and sweet new favorites. Reenacting as Jill, it will expand across Main Street and take on new stores and attractions to transform the city.

Of course, this will all be through baking and cooking, unlocking levels and dealing with challenging new clients. Cake Mania is a time management game, which combines cheesy dialogue, satisfying timed levels, and colorful candy.

Baking games, clicker cookie cooking game

Squeeze candy game

She appeared as one of the The best idle games for PC, Cookie Clicker does what is written on the box. If you love baking and want to spend time clicking on a giant cookie for prizes, Cookie Clicker is one click away.

This baking game only relies on your clicks to progress, every click earns you a cookie, and the further you progress you can rent a cookie to make grannies or plant fields of cookie seeds. There is only one real goal – a cookie.

New cooking games soon

Bread games bakery simulator new cooking game

Bakery simulator

The realistic baking game, Bakery Simulator, will require you to master all the skills needed to be a virtual master baker, including painstakingly measuring ingredients, operating potentially lethal appliances, and trying to navigate a fickle physical engine.

The Bakery simulator works a little differently than the restaurant management game, as it tasks you with sourcing ingredients, learning how to make a variety of bread, and – of course – avoiding death by fire.

Cooking games and restaurant games don’t always have to appeal to our chef, whether you prefer colorful time management games, or want a serious recipe to grind. Cooking and restaurant games are a relaxing way to pass the time, whether it’s by throwing tomatoes at your friend to chop them in Overcooked, or dragging a monster home to your evening meal in the Battle Chef Brigade.

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