Operation Neon Dawn of Rainbow Six Siege begins with a new trailer for Aruni

With Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Sage Still going strong, you are betting that tactical shooter support will continue for the foreseeable future. Players have been exiting the game for a while with smaller changes Like the paraphrased TachankaBut no New stuff is finally here. Operation Neon Dawn begins at 8 a.m. ET on December 1, and with it comes new Agent Aruni. The new defender can definitely keep it Rainbow Six SageBut if you’re wondering about her cool robotic arm, this new Operation Neon Dawn trailer has you covered.

The Moving trailer It seems it has everything. Explosive work, accidents, and a lot of regret. At least Aroni seems to be fine with her new robotic addition.

If you are less concerned about its origins, and more about its practical uses, Ubisoft has detailed that as well. As part of its arsenal, the Aruni can deploy indestructible laser walls. These will make any attacker think twice before passing, but Rooney can move through them however she likes. Moreover, if there was a regular wall in the way, Aroni wouldn’t have to waste her bullets to make holes. Alternatively, she can pierce them for a good look.

Lend a helping hand to you

Operation Neon Dawn will also include a rework of Skyscraper’s map Rainbow Six Sage. This will help balance play and facilitate mobility for everyone. Customers Jager, Hibana, and Echo will also see some modifications to their abilities. Defenders will also have less time to run outside, and will be spotted more quickly.

If you’re looking for more customers to buy, you’re in luck. There will be a drop of seven customers as the new season arrives. Other gameplay and balance changes are also being implemented. The Full update notes Explain everything.

For those worried about storage space, note that Operation Neon Dawn will be a little bigger than usual. However, once installed, the game will generally take less space.

New Siege Trailer from Operation Aruni Dawn's Aruni and Robot Arm (2)

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