Tips for getting your new Xbox Wireless Controller working on your PC

The last few weeks have left me with a little fear of missing out (or FOMO). Although most of my games take place on PC, I usually end up getting at least a console display from Microsoft. This year, though, I didn’t end up purchasing any of the new Xbox Series S or Xs. This was mostly due to sticking to the new line from AMD GPUS (and we all know how it went). With my hopes for next-generation graphics experience looking slim, I am I figured the least I could do was pick up a new Xbox Wireless Controller and USB Adapter. I had the previous generation Xbox One wireless controller adapter and console, which worked Most Of time. I say that due to the problem of having to re-sync the console too often even though it turns off after use.

The only thing that wasn’t a real problem, though, was the computer determining that the adapter had been inserted into the USB port. The notification will pop up, install if needed, and that is the case. However, I was surprised – and a little alarmed – to discover that the first time I connected a new Xbox Wireless Controller Adapter to my PC, nothing happened.

When I started searching the internet for my solution, I discovered that there was no simple solution to this problem. Instead, there were a number of different things to try to get this little white light on the Wireless Controller Adapter to start working and syncing with my console. With my adapter and Xbox Wireless Controller now working, here are a few things you might try to sync them all.

Xbox Wireless Controller

Tip 1: Download and install the Xbox Accessories app in the Microsoft Store

As a PC and Xbox, I have already downloaded the Xbox PC app on my PC. This brings up a familiar Xbox-style dashboard and often helps with new Xbox accessories. However, with the introduction of the new line of accessories and controllers, you’ll need to download the plugin Xbox accessories app.

This didn’t immediately fix my problem, but I was able to plug the USB-C cord into the console and connect it to my computer. As a side note, your console doesn’t include a USB-C dongle with on him. Instead, it contains a USB cord with a male and female end. This wasn’t the solution I was looking for, however, and it eased my anxiety that it was a problem with the controllers. But he is Firmware update To the latest version.

Tip 2: Check for additional optional Windows updates

Depending on your Windows Updates philosophy, you might already have it set to Automatic. However, there’s still one area where you might have missed an additional Microsoft update. These are optional updates that you can install manually. You can find it under the Windows Update tab if you are working Windows 10 operating system. Low and here I am I have an inactive console driver update here from May 2020. There are even options in this update for customizing Xbox Elite on PC.

Xbox controller

After manually installing the update my console got refreshed and responds when connected via USB-C. However, when I connected the USB receiver the console was assembled into, there was no power yet. My computer still doesn’t recognize it automatically on connection despite the firmware update. The last piece of advice I found was to find and remove the driver.

Tip 3: Uninstall, Reinstall, Restart

Locating the driver is reasonably easy. To quickly go to the desired settings, just type “Device Manager” into the Windows search bar and open it. Under “Network adapters,” click the drop-down menu and search for “Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows.” Right-click and go to properties tab. From here, you will choose the Driver tab and uninstall the dongle. You can then physically remove it from the USB port and restart your computer.

Xbox controller 1

Once your computer restarts, you can then re-insert the USB receiver and it should be installed. I had to repeat this step twice before the hole-sized white point started flashing on the wireless receiver and started installing. My console now works flawlessly and I’m enjoying the quick directional pad clicks and loosened grips on the new Xbox Wireless Controller.

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