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I will not beat the bush here: Yakuza: Like a dragon Wonderful thing. Yes, I know, maybe I should pester you and make you question until you’ve read all the words. You should do it anyway because there are some problems here, but the simple truth is exactly what I wrote above. Yakuza: Like a dragon It really is, really Good Game.

It’s also one that passed a long time ago. If you only count Transformers, Sub-shows, and Japan-specific releases, there have been about 20 Yakuza games in the last 15 years, and they’ve all used nearly the same brutal cruelty, from knee to crotch Grout Combat System. Time for a change, even if the change to a full JRPG is kind of a switch. Double thank God, Yakuza: Like a dragon It is a really good entry point into this sprawling series, with a new hero and no knowledge required of the series’ history. If you’ve been put off by fighting but into JRPGs then you can jump into this one fine.

However, despite this massive change, Like a dragon It is still known A. Yakuza Game. It’s the open city, side stories, down-to-earth crime story, and totally hilarious humor. One moment she investigates a remarkably obsessed criminal act with all the horrifying drama involved, and the next time she uses a person-sized vibrator to smash a zigzag piece of cloth into the sidewalk. Before going to play a round of golf or a small game, this is definitely not the case Mario Kart. So yeah. It Yakuza.

still Like a dragonDespite the changes

I wouldn’t talk much about the JRPG aspects, just because I did With great length In a separate article. What I will say is, yeah, this is a true JRPG. It has turn-based combat, a career / class system, crafting, and a full set of equipment. There’s a leveling up, HP, MP, and all the other tools you’d expect from even the most average JRPG.

Even this has its own Yakuza Evolution, though. To change seasons, you actually need to visit the action center, and at least the seasons themselves Vaguely Associated with real jobs. You might have one team member as a bodyguard, another as a host, a third as an idol, and the fourth as a construction foreman.

Yakuza is like a dragon massage machine

Just go to a sex shop to buy weapons. Like, ah, “massage machine”.

They are also remarkably silly. I wasn’t joking about a Giant Rocker before, but the “spells” are smarter than weapons. To inflict damage on the ice and possibly catch an enemy cold or make them dirty (both case effect), you might want a host or hostess to shake a bottle of champagne and spray it on your enemies. Or maybe they throw a birthday cake at the enemy with super tank power.

And that’s without getting into Homeless Guy, the primary job of a member of your party that contains elements of both the white wizard and the black wizard from the more general JRPGs. Aside from some healing, a homeless man … can toss bread at an enemy, causing a flock of pigeons to peck him. Some of this can be explained by the “player’s mind” (likes Dragon adventure He sees everything in terms of that series, which is the universe’s interpretation of the changing form of allies and enemies in combat, plus many other things). But it’s still delightfully silly.

Yakuza like Dragon Skills 2

Although this is a big change, it still is (and I’ll write this a lot) Yakuza. It’s based on spin, but characters still wander while making options. The environment also matters. If there are things in the way, characters may kick them at enemies to inflict more damage, or even pick them up and use them as improvised weapons. Basically, it’s still fighting Look Like Yakuza Combat – It’s controlled in a completely different way.

Crime and punishment

Yakuza is like a dragon head shot

The lead sets the tone for the actual story. And it gets darker from here.

If you are new to Yakuza What sticks in your mind the most from the previous paragraphs are “rocking the size of a person”, “trench coats” and “a flock of pigeons”, so you might be surprised that Yakuza: Like a dragon… has a very serious, dramatic, and well-designed story. one of Yakuza His greatest (and strangest) strengths is that he manages to blend a bizarre and slightly off-putting humor with a gorgeous, twisted, and truly emotional story. Like a dragon Don’t miss a step here. The main plot itself is a complete crime drama, and excellent at that, with a strong cast of characters and understandable motives on all sides, and a lack of bulge that swallowed Yakuza 4 And the 5.

As a soft update to the series, Like a dragon It pulls off a lot of its story from the start Yakuza Game. this is not The force wakes up– Replay the same story with a new cast. It’s more than that that he directs his hat to the original game in a number of ways, pulls out some basic story rhythms, and then takes things in his own direction.

The protagonist here is Ichiban Kasuga, a low-level gnaw in a tiny yakuza family. After a day of his routine duties, he finds himself required to make a very big sacrifice: go to prison to commit a murder he did not commit to protect the family. He is released after 18 years to find a drastically changed world, and after a hateful betrayal, he finds himself at the door of death and homeless in the unfamiliar city of Yokohama.

A tangled network

Yakuza is like a dragon-law

From there, Ichi’s assignments became clear. First, he pulled himself out of the gutter. Second, find out what happened to everything and everyone who knew it during his time in prison, and discover the causes of the betrayal. Naturally, things get a lot more complicated from there. Yokohama is a city out of the control of the huge yakuza factions and instead under the control of the “Great Muscle Wall” – an unstable balance between three criminal organizations that prevent outside influences from entering. And when that starts to crumble and Ichi starts to get over these organizations, things quickly go from bad to worse.

There is more to it, of course; There are many ups and downs. Anticipate murder and betrayal, with both criminal gangs and politics in full force, as you explore what the word “family” really means. Interestingly, you can also expect a lot of social commentary and a fairly nuanced look at the “gray areas” of society: homeless, squatters, immigrants, and sex workers. And this time, they may end up being the “scum” of society who are ultimately forced to save the day.

Yakuza is like a Kamorosho dragon

I want to give a special shout out to the English voice acting too: the Japanese voice voice is predictably good, but almost every English voice is equally strong. I’m not a fan of the little, but both big names like George Takei and experienced voice actors do a solid job, changing dialogue and lip-syncing all to fit, the subtitles even vary depending on whether we’re playing with English or Japanese VO. The big question mark for me was how well she handled big emotional moments and climax … and the answer is “incredibly”. The game gets seriously shaken at the end, and you don’t lose any emotion if you listen in English.

This time, crime pays off

Piss therapist

The Piss Wizard is definitely Sujimon that would probably be more terrifying if he was brilliant.

All this means, now, Like a dragon It is probably one of my favorite entries in the series. Not quite Yakuza 0, But it’s fresh, knit, and consistently entertaining, and again – lacking much of the bulge that swallowed up some of the more recent entries.

Its biggest problem comes from its transformation into a JRPG, mostly attributed to Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s inexperience in the genre. There are plenty of mild frustrations, from some issues with inventory management to the slight annoyance of having to return to the duty station to change jobs. Yakuza: Like a dragon It is also, for the most part, a very easy game. There are two or three very challenging hikes (most are against bosses who are not at all deserve Being brick walls for the unprepared) requires a spot of grinding, but otherwise you can move through the game. Well, the actual combat speed is little, and regardless of the game, these are also the only occasions where you really need to pay attention to having accessories and functions that go well together.

Can be searched

Take a break and grab some cans in this little game that you definitely weren’t inspired by Pac-Man.

But! But but but. This is, seriously, a minor complaint. After 85 hours delving into the criminal underworld of Yokohama (while running a company, handing hot kimchi to people, playing baseball, racing buggies, fighting sleeping sheep to stay awake during movie trips) Yakuza: Like a dragon It did not disappoint at all. Ecchi is a wonderful new hero, distinguished from Kerio and Takumi in his optimism and folly. The story and the conspiracy are well crafted, you share them, and hearts stir. The combat is fun, the puns are glorious, and the other JRPG games (down to the monsters being “Sujidex” by “Sujimon,” or “The Men Who Make You So Tense”) are awesome.

So, let’s go back to what I said at the beginning? Yakuza: Like a dragon Wonderful thing.

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