Best Download Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Pellington 703

Are you looking for the best Call of Duty Cold War Pellington laodout? The 703-bolt sniper is definitely a favorite with the fast sights thanks to its high mobility, relatively fast aiming speed, and single-shot killing potential. Of course there is only a slight difference between Pellington and Tundra, but that slight difference could be the difference between staying in streak or being killed because you are stuck in a remastered animation.

Our Pellington 703 gear selects attachment changes that make the sniper rifle perfect instead of polishing it heavily in any one section. We also designed this particular setup for standard multiplayer modes in mind – there’s no clue how this weapon would perform upon the arrival of Cold Warzone, but you can always check our list of Best war zone rifles for help.

If you’re only here for the best Pellington 703 attachments, you’ll find those directly below, but we’ve also included the full Pellington 703 class build in case you want some course correction on perks and gear to bring.

Best Call of Duty Cold Bellington 703 gear

The best gear for the Pellington 703 is:

Essential weapon: 703 Ali

  • Stabilized 308
  • 25 heavy reinforced
  • Peabody
  • 7th Speed ​​Rnd Mag
  • Airborne flexible wrap

Secondary weapon: Gallo SA12

  • Duckbill choke
  • 21.4 ″ paratrooper
  • Laser target fixed
  • STANAG 12 tube triple
  • No stock

tactical: Steamshot
Fatal: Molotov
Domain upgrade: Field microphone

Advantage 1: Bulletproof vest
Advantage 2: Tactical mask
Advantage 3: Jung Ho

Allowance: Violator of the law

Starting with the best Pellington 703 accessories, the 308 Stabilizer helps reduce the effect of idling so you can trust your target a little easier and reduce anxiety when selecting a difficult range. Next, we have the 25 Reinforced Heavy, which effectively eliminates the stabilizer, but also adds a dynamic fire rate of + 11%, making this fast-range sniper incredibly effective. The Bipod adds a number of recoil aids, but we mainly want it for the + 15% centering speed which is very important for fast navigation and fast transition between targets. 7 Rnd Speed ​​Mag is our top pick when it comes to Pellington’s magazine attachments because it dampens long reload speeds bullet by bullet without adding any particularly nasty side effects. Finally, we have a flexible Airborne wrap, which will drastically reduce your aiming punch, helping you stay on target under extreme pressure – you’ll also get increased visibility.

As for the rest of the class … the Gallo SA12 is very effective in close fights and will save you countless times. It’s so good to continue the kill chain after using all of the sniper rounds.

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We’ve picked Law Breaker Wildcard so we can get our flak jacket and tactical mask Cold War Privileges, Which together saves us from the ridiculous number of explosives and hardships used (thanks to Danger Close Wildcard). The final feature is Gung-Ho so we can reload while printing between fights. Take anything Domain upgrades Go ahead, but we love the Field Mic for a little bit of info.

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