Minecraft 1.17 update – everything we know about Caves and Cliffs

Looking for Minecraft 1.17 update release? For years, Minecraft players have been requesting a major update for their Underground Areas – you might recognize them as caves. They haven’t really changed much since Vanilla Minecraft was launched more than a decade ago, while new biomes are constantly being added to the game. So it was very exciting to get confirmation of the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update.

While the cliffs get new snow effects, crushed ice cubes, and goats, the really cool things that are added are all below the surface. All you have to do to find these new areas is tunnel down. Three new underground biomes were discussed during this year’s Minecraft Live show, filled with new plants to harvest, new materials to collect, and new ones. Minecraft mobs Meeting.

Yes, Minecraft Caves & Cliffs add a terrifying beast, but it also gives players not one, but two potential best friends that can help them eliminate annoying foes. Here’s everything you can look forward to, and when Minecraft 1.17.2 update It goes straight.

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs release date

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs release date is Summer 2021 It will arrive in both Windows 10 and Java Edition. It was announced for the first time this year Minecraft Live Show.

Lush Caves is home to many plants, including berries that grow on vines and large pink flowers that emit particles from the roof.

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs modernize the biomes

Lush caves

The cave system with vines, fruits and flowers hanging from the ceilings. It is inspired by paintings by Swedish painter John Bauer, whose work regularly depicts people walking through huge forest areas.

To find the Lash Cave you can try to find azaleas on the roof. These could indicate that there are leafy caves below that you can excavate and explore.

The caves are covered with new vegetation. Spore flowers are pinkish flowers on the surface and drop particles. Mojang did not say if these particles do anything, but she said that spores can be moved to roofs elsewhere.

There are also vines growing inside Lush Caves with orange berries. These are Glow Berries that can be picked and eaten.

Another new plant is the Dripleaf plant and it could be useful for those wishing to build an obstacle course themed in the woods. It can be jumped over, but the paper will hang over the longer you stand on it. You will eventually drop it, but fortunately this will not cause any permanent damage to the plant as the leaves recover completely. And it’s not just new plants, there are also new animals living inside the water ponds of Lush Cave.

Dripstone Caves are filled with lava and ponds of water.  Many stalactites and stalagmites can be seen in the distance.

Dripstone Caves and deep dark biomes

Stalactites and stalactites are what make this new biome stand out. Destroy the blocks at the top of the stalactites to drop the rest from above. Stalagmites behave like spikes and can hurt friends and foes alike. The stalactite also drips water, so you can use a bucket to collect the water. This gives you a renewable source of water.

the most recent Minecraft screenshot Provides more important details about stalagmites and stalagmites in update 1.17. You are able to combine many stalactites and stalactites to make them as long as you can imagine. Not only will the stalactite drip water, but it is also able to distill lava, which can be collected in a cauldron below, just in case you need it at a later time. Also noticeable if you are going to throw a Trident In a tapered distillation stone, the streaking stone will break.

During the Minecraft Live show, Mojang hinted at a new third biome called “Deep Dark”, along with some elements and mobs within it, but she didn’t talk about the biome itself in depth.

A swimmer and a fleet of axolotls destroy an underwater enemy.

Minecraft Caves and Crowds of Cliffs


It is found in fertile caves, Axolotls in Minecraft It is found underwater, just look at it. They’re totally adorable, aren’t they? These are real creatures who are relatives of a cave salamander. They have Gentle yawns very.

In Minecraft, these vicious predators are your best friends for underwater adventures. Simply collect as many as you can in buckets and spread out tons of Axolotls to help explore underwater caves. They will attack enemies within sight, play the dead to restore their health, and overwhelm even more powerful enemies in massive numbers, so why not want your Axolotl army?

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It’s not just caves that get new crowds. Goats appear in the cliff areas and jump really high, two full blocks to be exact! Goats are somewhat capricious beasts, and if you disturb them enough, they will attack you and send you to snowy mountains.

Mojang hasn’t talked much about what you can do with goats, but we’ll update you when we know more about them.

The goalkeeper turns towards the player.  She has a horned helmet, a mournful expression on her eyebrow, and a glowing twirl in her torso.  The orb indicates that it knows where the player is.


This new mob aims to take players back to their first night in Minecraft, when everything was scary. The Minecraft Warden It’s in the Deep Dark biome, and its sole goal is to make you pee in your clothes. They can be found deep in dark underground areas and are hostile beasts mobs.

The guards are completely blind, but they react to the vibrations from the footsteps and the objects being thrown. Snowballs can distract the jailer as it detects the snowball effect vibration. They can make the screen go dark for a while when one of them is close, although Sculk Sensors – another new block type – also react to their presence.

If you come across one, you can try to sneak around, but you need to be very careful. If he knows where you are, the light in the middle will shine when he is chasing you, he will run very fast and can hit you a lot for health. It’s worth noting that damage by Warden ignores armor, so you better be prepared. Who knows, maybe Trident It would be an effective weapon to use against it.

The amethyst cave has several crystals that grow in specific places.

New blocks from Minecraft Caves & Cliffs

Crystalline Geodes and Amethyst

In rare cases, caves can give rise to an amethyst geode. Walking on the crystals produces sound effects that sound like a wind bell.

You can break crystal plants, but you cannot take the specific blocks on which the crystal grow. The puzzle will create a network of efficiently harvesting crystals from the source. Crystals are used to make elements, specifically in making the new telescope, which you can use to magnify details from afar.

The roof of the house is made of copper.  Several oxidative blocks.


Telescopes also require copper, which is a new resource. It resembles iron but has an orange hue to the ores. They are found in ore veins instead of blobs, and can be used like iron to make blocks and steps. Copper spends over time as it is exposed to oxygen, turning turquoise instead of an orange-brown color.

Copper can also be used to make lightning rods. These are used to direct lightning to the poles in place of flammable materials. You may need to use an Blast furnace For smelting copper alloys and turning them into usable materials.

Inventory screen, packages appear.  This package contains many types of flowers.

New Minecraft Caves & Cliffs features


Finally, there are three cool new features coming to Minecraft via the Caves & Cliffs update. One of these is the new bundles feature, which has been designed to help manage inventory.

You will be able to create bags where you can place as many items as possible inside. Its total capacity is unknown at this time, but it appears that it may be filled with several full stock slots. Packages can be stored in boxes and you can mix and match.

A large amount of Sculk.  It is a black and blue material that works a lot like a red stone, but can be activated remotely with special Sculk Sensor blocks.

Sculk and Redstone wireless blocks

One of the characteristics of the Deep Dark biome is that it is where Sculk Growth naturally occurs. It’s a new power supply similar to Redstone, but the key to finally introducing us to wireless activation of Redstone powered gadgets.

If the Sculk sensor detects a step or destroyed / put a block, it will emit a new red signal. These tools can be used to operate the tools without a trace of red stone connecting the two.

You can use wool to block the signal from passing through as well, which means you can ensure the trigger only activates the signal between the Sculk signals and the inhibitors. Redstone wireless possibilities in City building or Minecraft massive castles Endless!

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This is perhaps the coolest new addition. Around the surface, pit sites will appear. These boxes contain brushes. You can then use the brush inside the drilling sites themselves, or make your own with specific materials, to clean some lumps, such as gravel and dirt.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Hidden treasures are waiting to be found. But there is a big problem. If you are careless and do not fully discover the artifact before moving forward, you risk ruining it and losing it forever. If you’re careful though, you can dig for priceless artifacts or rare blocks, like a blue ceramic with some artwork on it or an emerald block.

Read moreHere are some cool things Minecraft house ideas

Ceramic shards can be used to rebuild pots by placing them on molds over fire pits. Once you are happy with its design, you can light the hole underneath with some flint and steel to complete the pot.

Minecraft release date 1.17 beta

If you own a Bedrock version of Minecraft, you can now play the beta, although only phase 1 is available of new features including Goat and Crushed Snow.

However, if you have a Java version, first Caves and Cliffs Snapshot Now available which adds Minecraft CopperAnd amethyst blocks and beams.

And that’s all we know about the upcoming Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update. Some new and exciting areas to explore and one terrifying monster to face. It is definitely best to be prepared, even if Lower arms and armor Don’t do much against the jailers.

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