Exo Weekly Challenge Guide and Summit Rewards

Your adventures in Destiny 2: Beyond Light Take you to Europe. There, you’ll need to complete the Clovis Bray AI Weekly Challenge. Doing so gives you a powerful drop, although this could turn out to be a big bonus later. Here is our guide to help you.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Weekly EXO Challenges and Big Rewards

As mentioned, Destiny 2: Beyond LightThe Exo Weekly Challenge only gives you a solid drop. However, you can turn this into a huge bonus which can come in very handy as you try Reaching energy level cap 1260.

To do this, you’ll need to obtain a file Subversion feature “Europan Explorer III” from Variks. But, there are also some prerequisites from this column of extra features to keep in mind:

  • Europan Explorer I – defeat 50x enemies with kinetic weapons; Defeat 50-fold enemies with Energy Weapons; Defeat 25 fold enemies with Force Weapons. This unlocks Europa weapon missions.
  • Europan Explorer II – Defeat powerful enemies (yellow tape) 30 times in Empire Hunts. This opens up the elected difficulty of Empire Hunts.
  • Europan Explorer III – Complete the Weekly Exo Challenge. This turns strong loot into a climax drop.

D2bl Wkex Ch Pinnacle Award 1

You’ll need to complete the Weekly Exo Challenge on one of your characters first, which means you’ll only get solid loot for that attempt. After doing that, Variks Sabotage is unlocked and future attempts will get you a big drop.

D2bl Wkex Ch Pinnacle Reward 2

Anyway, let’s go ahead and discuss Exo’s weekly challenges at Destiny 2: Beyond Light:

D2bl Wkex Ch Pinnacle Reward 3

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