PUBG Mobile India does not have permission to restart yet

When will PUBG Mobile India launch? This is a question that no one knows. Most news and gossip sites always mention the “soon” sign. However, you may have to wait a little longer if recent comments from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology are bound to be overlooked. According to one report, the Indian government has not granted any permission PUBG Mobile India To redo operations. Also read – PUBG Mobile India is said to be released on this date

The Transfer It comes courtesy of InsideSport, explaining an accurate statement from a source from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY). “No banned entity can operate once a new company floats. That’s even Tik Tok or anyone else who can do it. They will have to get permissions from MEITY to operate again in India,” the source said. Also read – There is no idea the release date of PUBG Mobile India, Microsoft says Azure after bombing it with inquiries

PUBG Mobile India still needs permissions to return

Last week, several reports across the web indicated that PUBG Corp. has launched a new company to bring the game to Indian shores. The company is called PUBG India Pvt Ltd and is registered outside of Bengaluru. It is believed that this entity will be responsible for returning the game to India. Also read – PUBG Mobile India launch soon, it can be launched for Android users first

The introduction of a new company means that while the government has allowed the company to float, PUBG Corp will still need permission to bring back the banned game from MEITY. The new version of the game will change the way it stores player data in India. Indeed, to meet government regulations, PUBG Mobile India will do so hand by hand With Microsoft Azure to store all data locally.

A few months ago, the government banned a total of 118 apps of Chinese origin in one go, among them PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. Soon after, its publisher Tencent Games was relieved of its duty and PUBG Corp took it upon themselves to distribute and manage the game.

Later, PUBG Mobile India got its own website and announced its return to India. The team announced in a post on social media that the Indian version will get certain customizations such as fully dressed characters at the start of the game and custom items within the game. The game is also said to be housed in a help section dedicated to Indian players.

PUBG Corp has also said that the Indian version will have better features to ensure young players are not addicted to the game. PUBG Mobile India is also expected to weigh around 600MB and allow players to choose which parts of the game they want to install.

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