Android Hunter A – Is It Worth It?

I loved Mega Man X Series since I was a kid. Even after decades, I still find myself playing them every now and then and they’re still resilient. 20XX Cool and everything but I still wish it was a standalone studio to make a traditional spiritual successor. Take one look at the name Android Hunter A Tell me everything I need to know and the trailer confirmed it. The classic Capcom series leaves some really big dash shoes to fill, so the question remains: Do you deserve it?

To place it as accurately as possible, Android Hunter A It has the level of quality I would expect from a small group project built during a short game design course. Trying to attract fans of the beloved series is one thing, but it wouldn’t be pretty if the quality wasn’t there. Mighty No 9 He proved this simply by being very humble. This game is not even close to the quality standard Mn9. Honesty, doesn’t even come close Mega Man X7. Talk about biting down more than you can chew.

Android Hunter A Gives a bad first impression instantly thanks to its high resolution, nice and glowing visuals. The game’s appearance is quite generic, with inexpensive gameplay models and scenes. There is a story here but I have no idea what it is. The structure is that of Mega a leg X Game. You are doing an introductory stage Then it gets thrown into a menu where you have to choose between eight stages with a boss at the end of each. Defeated Bosses give you weapons against which you can weaken other Bosses. What could go wrong?

Android Hunter A 1

everything. Everything can go wrong

Straight off the bat, it’s clear Android Hunter ADeficient controls. in a The Mega Man X Chain, the X control feels subtle and impressive. In contrast, A feels like he’s sliding without weight. There is a noticeable float to the controls and their response is questionable as well. Every aspect of the movement is just a wrong feeling. A can be pushed, but only by pressing one of the face buttons, since double clicking on the direction does not work. While the keyboard input can be reset, the controller buttons cannot be remapped, so you have to awkwardly tap the equivalent of an Xbox B button whenever you want to dash which is cumbersome and problematic.

Wall jumping is equally gruesome. It doesn’t have enough frames for animation and is horrifically choppy and unstable. Climbing the wall feels like you’re watching a slideshow and it’s weightless and awkward like the rest of the action. What gets worse is the fact that the level design is pretty boring. Most of the levels are long, flat areas with enemies over them. There is no punch to A-man and enemies appear and react as if they were made of thin plastic. Many of them suffer very little damage. During levels, you are presented with little danger by enemies or the difficulty of the platform as the more demanding sections are designed to compensate for inaccurate controls.

This does not mean that you will not die Android Hunter A. There are one-shot kill hazards scattered throughout the levels, most of them in the form of spikes. But the detection of strikes on these objects is questionable, as the reach boxes start before the heights themselves. Fortunately, the levels are short and often take around four to six minutes each. It’s also terribly generic in terms of topic. There is a slippery ice level. Fire level. The level of toxic waste. Then there is what I can only describe as a kind of weird weird temple where blue tight-fitting women dance in the background, including while fighting the boss. It’s very annoying and feels aesthetically separate from the rest of the game. But at least it isn’t as general as the rest!

Android Hunter A 3

what’s in a name?

Let’s summarize so far. Android Hunter A Spoil the action, level design, visuals and combat. But what about presidents? Of course, what I saw from them was just as good as the rest. You defeated five of the Eight Main Bosses in just one or two attempts with nothing but the base attack. It’s simple and straightforward and some of them have massive design flaws. Not a single boss could hit me as long as I stood in the corner. And that angle just happened to be the one you got into the room. I tried to use Boss’s weapons on them, but they all ran out of energy so quickly that I couldn’t even tell if I had the right one.

I initially intended to conduct a full review of Android Hunter A But I had to give it up due to the photosensitivity issue. The game is mostly completely safe for light-sensitive players. Save the heads of the special plot that appears from time to time. Similar to Gunvolt The games, they have a selfie with flashing light effects when using a special attack. But unlike those games, these games were completely blinding. I couldn’t get past one of these special bosses because I simply couldn’t look at the screen when using one of these attacks, which meant that I would be hit and take a lot of damage to achieve victory.

This kind of thing frankly annoys me. Why is giving special attack flash screen effects so important that you make it the only thing that stops some people from completing your game? Everything else was fine and normal bosses were not taking advantage of it, so it seemed to me not absolutely necessary. Then again, I couldn’t get past this section solo from having to play the rest Android Hunter A, So there is a silver lining.

Android Hunter A 4

Is he in this case?

Android Hunter A is being Not Worth buying. It wouldn’t be worth playing if it was free. Does not come close to imitating what it makes Mega Man X The games are so good and I fail at everything you try. It’s ugly, the controls are awful, the level design is terrible, and the bosses are just as laughable as their names and designs. I can’t remember the name of any of them or what they looked like and I fought one of them less than an hour ago. There is no reason to play this game and I highly recommend that everyone steer clear of it.

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