Monster Hunter World has a Milla Jovovich movie event for a reason

Good news for Milla Jovovich fans! For what appears to be no reason in particular, a digital character carrying their voice and likeness is added to an event Monster Hunter World. Not sure why they chose her, considering how she starred in a series of horrific films based on Capcom vampire Movies, but they must Really like her. It is definitely that and not the fact that she is married to the man who caused all this trash. It’s almost as if they’re advertising something else. Kind of new Milla Jovovich movie related to Monster hunter. Let me do a quick Google search. Oh, the trailer! What is that?

I shouldn’t have seen the trailer. Event in Monster Hunter World Known as Artemis “Monster Hunter” Movie Quest, it is described as a special collaboration. I like how they are put Monster hunter The quotes are there because that’s a convenient way of describing what the next movie is supposed to be like. This crossovers has a two-player mission where players can control Artemis while shooting Black Diablos at him with some kind of stupid rocket launcher or something.

Both parts of the mission will be available for a full year and can be held starting Dec.3 at 4 PM PDT. The first part sees Artemis chasing the aforementioned black Diablos, while the second pits her against Rathalos. The former will reward players with an armor set while the latter contains a multi-layered armor set. This would be ideal for people who want to show off Milla Jovovich while on the go Monster Hunter World With the aim of hatingly reminding fans that the movie really exists. Anyway, it will take the movie out and almost everyone will hate it because it was written and directed by Paul WS Anderson. I will not watch it and you cannot make me.Mhw 2

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