GTA 5 Platform Car: Here is the car you can win in GTA Online for Week 45

What is the GTA 5 platform car this week? GTA Online cars are pretty pricey stuff, so we’d love to take a ride on the wheel of fortune at Diamond Casino for a discount. Winning isn’t guaranteed, sure, but neither is it out of the question. See, we have no problem – leave it alone.

You can spin the wheel of fortune at Diamond Casino once a day, and each platform car gets updated seven days later on Thursdays. Basically, you have seven shots to get the car for this week. If you own a penthouse you can rotate it for free, but if you don’t have $ 500 per roll. Don’t worry if you don’t win, though, you can win something else. You have 1 chance in 20 to get a platform car, a car discount, or a mysterious prize. There is a four-in-20 chance of getting clothes, chips, and money. Finally, there are five in 20 chances to have an RP.

Keeping tabs on the GTA Online platform car can be annoying, so we will update this GTA 5 guide so you have somewhere to check it again. On that note, here’s a GTA 5 platform car For this week.

The GTA 5 PODIUM from Nov 26 to Dec 2

  • This week’s GTA 5 platform car is BR8

This Formula 1 car usually goes for $ 3.4 million at Legendary Motorsport and was added as part of the Los Santos summer refresh.

If you are looking for more goodies to steal GTA casino, we have put together guides for each other GTA casino robbery cars You can stuff it in your garage as well The fastest car in GTA 5. If you are more interested in the theft itself, you can find out How to start GTA Casino robbery Here.

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