Best Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War XM4 gear

Are you looking for the best Call of Duty Cold War XM4 gear? There will undoubtedly be a lot of controversy over which assault rifle is the best in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, but few will argue that the XM4 is a strong competitor. With relatively average stats across the board, it might not stand out from the crowd, but its combination of firepower and rate of fire means it drops at amazing speed for a rifle with controllable recoil and action.

Even better, with the correct attachments on this assault rifle, you can extend its range, movement, accuracy, magazine capacity, and bullet velocity, making it a better platform to dampen all that stopping force. We’ve picked a generic design for the Call of Duty Cold War XM4 Best Load, so don’t expect a conversion that makes it a custom or SMG shooters rifle.

We have also added a complete design to complement the best attachment section, in case you are not sure about perks, domain upgrade, lethal and tactical equipment, secondary weapons and wildcards to choose.

The best Call of Duty Cold War XM4 gear

The best XM4 is:

Essential weapon: XM4

  • Mill Stop Reflex
  • Pedestrian compensator
  • 20.5 ″ Match score
  • SWAT laser sight 5mW
  • Foregrip field agent
  • 45 Rnd Speed ​​Mag
  • Speed ​​bar
  • Buffer tube

Secondary weapon: Gallo SA12

  • Duckbill choke
  • 21.6 ″ Heavy Reinforced
  • Laser target fixed
  • STANAG 12 Rnd tube
  • No stock

tactical: Steamshot
Fatal: Molotov
Domain upgrade: Field microphone

Advantage 1: Bulletproof vest
Advantage 2: scavenger
Advantage 3: Jung Ho

Allowance: fighter

Millstop Reflex is growing in popularity among broadcast players, and we agree: it’s the cleanest optics out there. Next, we chose the pedestrian compensator because it removes a lot of vertical recoil at the expense of some horizontal vibration – Cold War Rifles It appears to have a lot more vertical recoil, so that’s a big trade off. A match score of 20.5 will make the XM4 incredibly powerful at long ranges, extending the effective range of this attack to 90 meters, covering most sight lines in multiplayer.

SWAT 5mw Laser Sight can be a savior if you need to shoot while flashing or when covering. While our pedestrian compensator increases horizontal recoil, you can compensate with a field agent grip, polishing vertical recoil control a bit more. Pick whatever magazine attachments suit you, but we suggest either MAGS Jungle-Style Mags or 40 Rnd Speed ​​Mags, both of which greatly improve reload speed – if you don’t mind hitting your target at sight speed then 40 Rd is the way to go. The last two elbows are the Buffer Tube to greatly improve shot speed and the speed bar to help increase shooting speed. Overall, this build improves practically every stat on the rifle.

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The Gallo SA12 remains our absolute favorite when it comes to secondary weapons – and the build menu above will save you countless times. Likewise, the Stimshot and Molotov combo is a favorite to get back into combat quickly and create some area denial in question. Finally, the The best of the Cold War – Take the Flak Jacket to save yourself from unofficial grenade deaths, the Scavenger where you’ll be chewing on ammo in no time, and the Gung-Ho to improve mobility and reload ability while running.

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