Project Wingman has released new details about its crazy air test

Wingman Project He has some new information after an update is released on the game’s Kickstarter page. This title comes from D2 sector It is an upcoming air combat game that claims to maintain a higher level of realism. New information reveals upcoming data about the VR game mode that is supposed to start steam VR and Oculus.

This title hopes to put players in a unique setting and perspective and make them pilots of dangerously fast machines. Test your driving skills and take a skies over in a virtual reality experience. As a concept of VR game, this is definitely one of the best games.

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This is the Virtual reality experience Where players will be able to sit in a real jet plane. This is the most authentic experience gamers can have when it comes to virtual reality support for digital aircraft.

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The game is also reported to have HOTAS support. As long as the player’s Windows 10 operating system reads it from DirectInput, he can bring it to whatever control system he wants. Racing wheels, guitars, and drums, it is really up to players to decide what they want to play this game with.

Do not warn, The VR game will require some advanced computer technology. Players will need to prepare for the performance gap before attempting the VR release. The developers recommend an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 processor or better, a minimum of 16GB DDR4 memory, and a minimum GTX 1070 GPU.

to VR system to work, Good gamers will need to make sure they have a better computer to get ultra high definition quality. While the game is capable of this, this does not mean that computers can handle everything that the developers have designed.

The game has it Conquest mode This gives players a roguelike game experience. Players can enter rounds where they must clear the random enemy map. They must do this while completing goals and facing bosses.

Players must note that the enemy will continue to send the reinforcements specified by the Alert Level. The higher the alert level, the more dangerous the enemy will be, so players must be careful while navigating each level.

This is a great game for anyone in both virtual and non-VR situations. Enjoy unique graphics and optimum air support.

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Wingman Project Available on Steam from December 1.

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