How to use Yameer’s teardrops in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Wondering the use of yameer’s teardrops in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? If you find a box containing one of these mysterious glowing stones, you are probably wondering what they are used for, and what you will get to collect them all.

30 Ymir teardrop stones are scattered all over Asgard, and once you’ve got them all, you’ll be able to use them to make a show. Can be found across the Asgardian Islands – Marked as fortunes on your map, so in order to track it down, all you have to do is use Odin’s Sight to locate its exact location when you are near the map marker.

Most tear stones are hidden inside boxes, and you may need to solve puzzles to reach them, or use oil jars to clear your way explosively. Some Ymir’s Tear Stones won’t appear until you complete the Global Event puzzles, and the couple will not be present until you advance through the story and complete the Final Quest in Asgard. Here’s what happens when you put them all together.

What do you do with Ymir’s tearstones

When you collect the complete set of 30 Ymir teardrops, you can make them at the offering altar on the eastern side of the northernmost island in Asgard. After you interact with the statue there, you’ll earn five Skill Points for your problem. Whether those skill points are worth the scramble around Asgard for is up to you – filling out your own puzzle tab is their own bonus, isn’t it?

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