WoW Shadowlands Sinrunner Blanchy – How to get to the mountain

Looking for how to get Sinrunner Blanchy in WoW Shadowlands? One of Warcraft’s horse celebrities is back as a talent, which is more terrifying than you remember. Old Blanche – for whom she gathered oats as a young character in Westphal, encountered him as a young horse in their escape from Dornhold, the Keep dungeon, witnessed service with Westphal’s brigade in Northrend, and was found murdered by bandits in a disaster – her last bloodied resting place.

Blanchy’s new model in the World of Warcraft Shadowlands’ afterlife expansion is based on the new transparent blood appearance common in Revendreth District (and in related Venthyr abilities). It’s actually a scary red horse this time, and you can have it as a mountain if you care for it over the course of several days.

Here are all the hoops you’ll need to jump through to sprint far into the distance on your new fiery red horse.

How to get Sinrunner Blanchy in WoW Shadowlands

You’ll start by searching for Dead Blanchy in Revendreth. You start sprinting at the north end of the Endmire near the river, starting at coordinates 63, 43 on the far edge of the bank of the road, and it’s fast – faster than the player’s ability to ride. If she reaches the end of her run, she rocks, and you’re stuck waiting an hour or two for her to spawn. But if you throw yourself in front of her, she will stop running long enough to interact with her. Once it is stopped by any player, anyone can interact with it for a few minutes before it is emptied.

You can talk to her once a day. Every day, she’ll indicate she wants something different – but the arrangement is always the same depending on the player, so if you were on Step 3 and missed a day or two, it would still ask you for Step 3 items when you stopped it. You must be at level 55 to start the mission (often because the first item you order, Oats, requires level 55 to capture).

F. Shadowlands Senrner-Blanche-Endmere-District

Here are the items you need in order:

  • Eight handfuls of oatsCollected from a bag of oats on the ground in North Westphal.
  • Shaving brush From Snickersnee in Darkhaven town to Revendreth.
  • Four sturdy horseshoes, Which you can find as neglected horseshoes along the roads on the eastern side of the area.
  • A bucket of clean water. The bucket itself is right next to the Snickersnee and wagon, but to fill it up, you must find the waters deep enough to swim in – we recommend Ardenweald and Bastion.
  • Comfortable saddle blanket, Purchased from Ta’true at the night market in Revendreth, southwest of Darkhaven. This is difficult. Ta’true requires you to purchase it with 30 specific types of Shadowlands meat, which changes every week (Aethereal Meat, Creeping Crawler Meat, or Phantasmal Haunch).
  • Three Dreadhole apples, Which you can buy from Mims, in the Hole area of ​​the Wall region west of Nathria Castle.

Our advice would be to collect all of the items first, so that when you have a few moments to hunt for Dead Blanchy, you won’t be disrupted by not having the things they want from you. To find Blanche herself, we expect there will be groups in the group finder tool made up of players who have successfully stopped her (or are looking forward to).

Your reward: a great copy of WoW Classic. Content maker Sayler Create a beautiful video if you want to watch it in action.

The Secret Discovery Discovery GroupHe, as always, played a part in discovering Blanche’s secret, and there it is Several tools in the forums There it may be helpful for you as you work to get it wrong yourself. Happy hunting!

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