How to use the PS5 DualSense controller on PC

DualSense for PlayStation 5 is one hell of a console. Thanks to advanced haptic motors and “adaptive” actuators, it feels like no console you’ve used before. When I use it on the PS5, that is it. Since Sony did not manufacture a DualSense driver for Windows, the only games that can fully take advantage of the advanced DualSense features are exclusive to the Sony controller. No one tells us if we will see PC games take advantage of adaptive players or a surprisingly good built-in speaker. But thanks to Steam, we can at least use the DualSense controller on PC now.

Within just two weeks of launch, Steam added full support for DualSense controller, making use of touches and gyroscopes and adding these features to its controller configuration tools. Here’s a quick guide on how to use DualSense for PS5 on PC via USB cable or Bluetooth connection.

Connectivity: wired or bluetooth

DualSense connectivity via wired or bluetooth

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