A patent is granted to Activision’s Call of Duty hardware sharing system

It might not be long before you can share a Call of duty Gear with your friends and the world. Activision has now been granted the patent for this particular system Submission is in September of 2019. The ‘Weapon customization systems and methods and sharing custom weapons via social networksThe patent was granted on November 17, 2020. With the inventor listed as the lead multiplayer developer on Treyarch David J. Vonderhaar, this appears to be true. Call of duty alley.

What does this mean for players then? It would be absurd to read the detailed explanations in the patent. Don’t worry, the general content is crystal clear to understand. This will most likely result in a system that allows file sharing Call of duty Gear in both games and beyond. Statistics of how weapons are performing, their looks, their characteristics, and even the player’s performance can be shared if you choose.

While these types of sharing options aren’t entirely new, their implementation is impressive. There is a degree of choice and control over participation Call of duty Gear. How much detail you want to go into depends on each individual’s preferences. However, one of the main points is that you can share it with your team, group or the world.

Freedom of information

Through this your system Call of duty Gear can be shared via social media, emails, and texts. This will make things very easy, and will greatly speed things up. Definitions of heavy-duty multiplayer games like Activision’s FPS are about to spread.

Patented Activision's Call Of Duty Hardware Sharing System (2)

The sharing system does not stop with you Call of duty Gear either. The system will also allow players to issue challenges to others using a specific configuration. If you want to see who can handle the gun better, this is your time to shine among your buddies. You can even keep track of times until you rub it.

With the patent now granted, it remains to be seen how and when it will be implemented in games. With the growing success of Call of duty Across multiple platformsAnd the This kind of innovation is more than welcome.

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