Yellow Brick Games is a new studio designed by Mike Laidlaw, Dragon Age Creative

The game development industry is an ever-changing industry where companies see talent come and go. Sometimes they branch out looking for better jobs in new companies, while other times they take more risks and start on their own. This is definitely the case with Mike Laidlaw and his team at Yellow Brick Games.

For those of you unfamiliar with Mike Laidlaw, it has been an outstanding creative force at EA Bioware for years. He is best known for his work on Age of the Dragon Franchise, but he was also the lead writer for Jade Empire, Which is the lesser known classic Bioware. As you might remember, it’s been a few years since we had a new one Age of the Dragon Game. Unfortunately, Laidlaw was not involved in developing Dragon Age 4 As for. At least not in recent years. So, you might be wondering what it’s been like for the past six years.

A lot turns out, but it hasn’t seen much in the way of verified content. he is He left Bioware Late 2017 with few details provided about departure. Then he started new work at Ubisoft in 2018 working on the Arthurian RPG, but that’s the way it is. was canceledWhich led Laidlaw to leave Ubisoft as well.


Fast forward to 2020 and we now have the announcement that Laidlaw is establishing his studio, Yellow Brick Games. Laidlaw will work with a team of 15 other industry experts to produce “high-quality titles that put the player experience first.” The team wants to create new franchises, while keeping a lot of creative freedom in mind. This is the joy of independence, after all.

Dragon Age II yellow brick games

Give us some futuristic classics, Mike.

Yellow Brick Games consist of its founders Mike Laidlaw, and Frederick Saint Laurent B. , Jeff Skalsky, and Thomas Giroux. The other team members hail from Ubisoft and EA so it’s definitely a solid list. The team has not commented on any future projects, but we will be watching the news in the coming years.

It’s not uncommon to hear of top developers deciding that they can do things better by themselves. When companies stifle creativity and demand extra hours of work, it’s not fun either. It’s good to hear that Ledlaw is on the right track doing what he loves and does it better. You can learn more about Yellow Brick Games by visiting Official Website.

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