Fallen Star Challenge and Star of Destiny

Jinshin effects An unresolved star event It entered its third stage. Part 3 – Star of Destiny is now live, players will be able to participate in the Fallen Star activity. Completing this gives you a lot of Fading Star’s Essence plus the means to finally get Fischl. Here is our guide to help you.

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Jinshin effectNon-Deceased Event Stars: Part III – The Star of Destiny

There is an introductory job for this part of Jinshin effectAn unresolved star event. It’s fairly simple, so don’t worry there. Simply talk to Mona, then head to Qingce Village. You’ll need to take a few rounds of Meteorite Salvage and talk to some of the sleeping sickness victims.

After that, talk to Mona again for some explanation. Fatoui appears to have had a hand in these developments. But, before you can learn more, Mina takes you away and asks you to complete the Fallen Star Activity.

Genshin Impact Star Of Destiny Guide to Incompatible Star Events 1a

Let us discuss these concepts one by one. You can refer to the page below to find out which ones you need help with:

Genshin Impact Star Of Destiny Incompatible Star Events Guide 1b

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