Blizzard developers Johnny Cash and Ely Cannon are hinting that the warden may not be the last villain of World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

World of WarcraftThe game’s story has been filled with more than a few twists during its runtime, sometimes satisfying players, and sometimes causing more than a few disturbances. in a A recent interview With VG247, two Blizzard The developers have given a hint about a new development.

Assistant Lead Designer Johnny Cash and Art Director Ellie Cannon sat for an interview, and discussed quite a bit of information about the future of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. While a lot was said during the interview, we’ll discuss the warden’s comments here.

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However, if it’s not so clear, there is Spoilers Before! If you want to avoid seeing spoilers, step back now!

All up to expansion Led to thinking players Zoval the warden, He will be the ultimate leader in raiding content. Ancient Evil ruled over Mao, and with the way things went, it’s hard to believe that there were any characters on the table that could make up More Of the threat.

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In response to a question, the two appeared to hint that there might be another player on the line to fight as the last boss of the raid. The criticism specifically had the following to say:

“The warden is definitely one of the basics Opponents Of expansion. He’s an important person that we will have to deal with at some point, right. But as far as how all this story is unified, who is President X in Y raid, that’s something I don’t want to spoil because I think all the fun is getting there. ”

Cash continued, saying that the team is making decisions based on how things evolve as a direct response to VG247’s question of whether “not necessarily the last raid boss for expansion.”

So, with something like this now falling into the wilderness, who should players expect to see if it weren’t for the great ancient Master Mao? There is a good chance that we haven’t met anyone who the developers might replace, should something like this happen.

It might be smart money on Sylvanas Windrunner; it will not be very Surprisingly, the enlargement ends with a sudden touch of Sylvanas killing the jailer only to take his place, or usurping his power through some other means.

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It is impossible to say early, but knowing that such a thing is on the table is definitely interesting. Everything on developers’ minds will soon become easier to see as the expansion launch approaches on November 23rd.

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