Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War review

I’ve spent the last week or so gaming Call of duty: Black Cold War In preparation for this review. It was a refreshing change of pace after what could only be described as mixed general Modern warfare. I’ve finished the campaign and reached number one in multiplayer, so I say it is time to put my thoughts on.

As a nudge, I don’t intend to mention any major spoilers but will mention two campaign missions. If you want to enter Black Cold WarTotally blind campaign, feel free to skip straight to the multiplayer section in this review.

A familiar story

Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops It follows the story of Bill, an American CIA agent fighting in the Cold War. Bell’s team is made up of several high-ranking CIA officials including Russell Adler, Alex Mason, and Frank Woods. They all share one common goal: to eradicate Perseus. Perseus is a Soviet spy responsible for the radicalization of Imran Zakhev. He wants to stir up trouble in the West and turn the world against the United States.

Black Ops Cold War Activision Arcade review

There are certain segments of the campaign that trigger passion. A good example is the Soviet training facility where you can step in and play a remastered Activision arcade.

Not every assignment is memorable, but some definitely stand out. Perhaps most impressive is the “Desperate Measures”. Desperate Measures is a stealth mission where you play the hidden KGB mole, Dmitry Belikov. You have to figure out a way that allows Adler and Bell to sneak into the KGB facility without being detected. Although she appears totally Hollywood, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Even if it was brave realism Modern warfareGone are those epic moments defining the good cod Campaigns exist a lot.

I find that Black Cold War” Campaign excels when you play through these stealth missions. There are actually many assignments that take this approach, and they are all among the best Call of duty He has to introduce. The problem is that the moment you have to complete a non-stealth mission, it is usually forgotten. I am not particularly enthusiastic about the idea of ​​relentlessly cutting off thousands of unknown Soviets. We’ve seen all of that before.

Black Ops' Cold War review campaign stealth mission

Full stealth mechanics in Black Cold War Allow for the best stealth tasks Call of duty like never before. And yes, that includes the legendary Gueliz in the Mist.

I have faithfully invested in the narration from start to finish. There is a surprising amount to get over given how short the campaign actually is. For reference, the first play on normal difficulty only took three and a half hours. It’s a nice return to the original Black operations With so many borrowed traits, but too short for me. I miss the past where cod Campaigns can easily take seven or eight hours to reach.

A blast from the past

Modern warfare It surprised me at launch as all Activision marketing hinted at it as a throwback headline. This was complete nonsense. While it is good in itself, Modern warfare It was not a traditional one Call of duty Game. He ignored everything set up by his predecessors to create the slowest-paced multiplayer tactical shooting game. This new approach distinguished itself in slower game modes such as Search & Destroy, War zone, But it would have been hard to bear otherwise.

Black Ops Cold War Type 63 head defect

Black Cold War Nothing of the sort. The multiplayer shows clear signs of the past Call of duty Addresses affecting it. From playing with less blunt firearms to the overall speed of lobbies, this old school cries out cod. This may be a turn off for those who have entered Call of duty Through Modern warfareBut it was a boon for a veteran like me.

Fast-paced action

All but one cold WarThe eight multiplayer maps are located on the smaller side. The exception is Miami and everyone agrees that it’s an awesome map. I know everyone agrees with me on this, because I only saw it once. Every other map uses the tried-and-tested fast-paced three-lane design. Something I’m sure many older CoD fans will be pleased with.

Black Ops Cold War M16

The main advantage of this is that it makes enjoying rebawn game modes much easier. in a Modern warfare, If you are playing on a larger map like Azhir Cave, you will have to run miles to find anyone. Even when you encountered enemies, it was likely after they shot you from wherever safe they had set up. I will not pretend Black Cold War He has no vision problems, but it’s definitely easier to get into a good gunfight. This is especially true for smaller maps like Checkmate and Crossroads, both of which are excellent additions to the franchise.

What I love the most Black Cold War Is that I was able to play the way I wanted. I can rush every map with SMG or assault rifle while jumping and shooting to my heart’s content. As for the damned safe spots Modern warfare She prided herself in all things gone. Camping in a room with mines is no longer a first-class strategy as there are plenty of options to counter this gameplay. This is an FPS game best enjoyed with fast gameplay and letting your target do the heavy lifting. And that’s exactly what Call of duty It must be around.

The only caveat is that at the moment something is wrong with ovulation. It’s rare to get into a gunfight between two people Black Cold War. Usually, the enemies multiply in large quantities together, so you will have to fight through at least two or three to get anywhere. Sometimes this results in a sexy kill feed, but it’s common to take out an enemy and then return the favor. There are some weapon balance issues as well, but I’m confident that will be addressed. Treyarch already nerfed MP5, August and M16. It’s great to see Treyarch tackle major issues early on and hopefully we’ll see more corrections like this in the future.

Not everything is so fast

Although the gameplay itself is a loyal throwback to traditionalism Call of dutyAnother story, weapon evolution. Currently, leveling weapons takes a long time. In fact, as of writing this review, I haven’t had a single maximum weapon Black Cold War. I don’t think I managed to get a heady spot in Call of duty Without using at least one weapon before now.

Currently, the only viable weapon upgrade mode is Fireteam: Dirty Bomb. The Dirty Bomb is a unique combination of both multiplayer and War zone. Uses War zoneArmor plate mechanic and loot interface with multiplayer gear integration and faster speed. It’s an excellent setting and the best way to smooth out grind.

The dirty bomb game

The Dirty Bomb might have been added to please Warzone players in the short term, but it’s great gameplay in its own right. I’d like to see this comeback in future titles.

But if you don’t like the dirty bomb, you’re done. Both normal and zombie team play are very slow to level weapons. On average, it takes about 1,200 kills to reach the maximum level of a base weapon in normal multiplayer. That’s about twice what you need Modern warfare. This alone is annoying, but when you think deeper, things start to spark controversy.

Earlier this month Activision It was announced to PlayStation players He’ll get an exclusive lasting 25% Weapon Experience boost. This is hardly pro-consumer in the first place, however cold WarLong grinding only makes it worse. Without delving into conspiracy theories, is it unlikely that Activision could slow down experience rates to make this exclusive feature even more valuable? I wouldn’t say that. And if true, isn’t that a small insult to both PC and Xbox? All I ask for is equal treatment as a consumer. I don’t think this is unreasonable.

SBMM is here to stay

I can’t finish prof Black Cold War Review without acknowledging at least skill-based matchmaking. Honestly, I don’t think it’s as bad as it was Modern warfare. This isn’t an overly popular opinion, but I generally think it’s easier to find back-to-back fun lounges than in the past. Maybe I’m better at cold War Or maybe something else entirely. Either way, I didn’t find this to be a problem.

However, a quick read from Reddit or cod The YouTube community explains that most of them disagree with me. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that this year’s skill-matching is tougher than ever. Call of duty Content Creator Monitor Tweet It shows that none of the pros on his friend list can manage the 2.0 kill to death rate. Keep in mind that the elderly cod Nicknames these guys regularly drop with Six Plus K / D.

Multiplayer pellington sniper game

Given Activision’s stance on skill-based matchmaking, I doubt we’ll see much change in this regard. There is still little hope. Treyarch developer David Vanderhar has a More or less certain League Play is on its way. I could see Treyarch dilute SBMM in normal team play to accommodate League Play. Even if Treyarch doesn’t modify it, skilled players can at least outrun him in the ranking to compete for something tangible.

The point is, if you have a heavy hatred for SBMM, this is not the game for you. Even if it doesn’t bother me much, I know a lot Call of duty Fans just can’t handle it. They dream of the days when CoD was a casual shooter that you could just jump in and play without having to think too much. But with the resounding success of Modern warfare And the overall effectiveness of skill-based matchmaking, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Final verdict

I think that Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops It is an interesting and nostalgic title that Activision has held back. You can tell Treyarch wants to recreate that classic Black operations An experience focused on competitive play above all. The flags are there, but Activision Masters have a different idea of ​​how to do it Call of duty It should be. The result is a good but flawed product that has an identity crisis.

The multiplayer has a high skill ceiling, but strict skill-based matchmaking penalizes players for improvement. Playing with firearms is very fun, but upgrading your weapons to the point where they can be used is difficult. It’s almost as if Treyarch’s vision of CoD is in active war with Activision. Given that Treyarch had to pick this project out of the entire Sledgehammer disaster, I think they did a good job. But it has made it clear to me now more than ever that Activision needs to step back and let its developers do what they want.

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