The new Cyberpunk 2077 movie has now released

We are nearing the end of November and that means a release Cyberpunk 2077 It grows more and more everyday. It was originally scheduled to launch this month, but given the developer’s vision to make it as flawless as possible, they decided to bring it back to December 10.

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The wait wasn’t that bad thanks Red Projekt CDHis tireless efforts to bring up trailers show what awaits his fans. A new trailer for the game has now been released that focuses on Night city And some of its history.

We’ve known for quite some time how massive this futuristic open landscape can be, which includes many different areas that have been decorated from top to bottom in detail. It’s honestly one of the most promising settings for the main AAA game.

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The trailer – which you can check above – paves the way for the world that players will find themselves surrounded by. The nuclear conflict changed the landscape of the world, which is now considered a dark future. Night City has become the center of many companies’ desires to come to power.

Many other people have flocked to the Night City for a chance for a more civilized lifestyle, but with the conflict between the companies and inner city gangs escalating, it is only a matter of time before tensions and blood flow to the streets.

Everyone in Night City tries to gain the upper hand, including politicians, gangs, corrupt cult leaders and more. Those who do not prostrate suffer an unfortunate fate.

Needless to say, Night City is rife with criminal activity. Exploring its seemingly endless territory has to lead to some tension-filled confrontations, be it with rival gangs or sociopaths just looking to wreak some havoc.

The final trailer shows just how much CD Projekt Red has thought about designing this world so that players would enjoy exploring on December 10th. It’s an exciting time for video games now that the PS5 and X-Box Series X is officially released. Cyberpunk 2077 It should complete well outside the gate.

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Let’s just hope the developer can actually release this futuristic RPG here in a couple of weeks. It has been in development for a long time, but it finally appears that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter. And to hold you for another two weeks, you can check out all of Night City Wire’s events. It is full of interesting and promising nuggets.

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