The Razer Wolverine V2 looks like a big step forward from Xbox design

Razer is a company that still impresses me. she has Lots of products related to games These days you combine quality with good design. I remember when it was a bit of a joke that you thought of buying anything other than OEM brand controllers. I won’t name any names, but you definitely wanted Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft products. Companies like Razer have changed my mind in recent years, thanks to products like Wolverine V2.

To be clear, I haven’t done my hands-on training on this specific model (yet). I did manage to try the Wolverine Ultimate Tournament Edition though It is an electronic game. It just makes the standard Xbox controller look like a joke in terms of performance. While the Wolverine V2 lacks the paddles of Ultimate’s features, it looks to compensate for this with better comfort and an affordable cost. Still not cheap, It comes at a price of $ 99.99, But it neatly positions itself between the cost of a standard Xbox console and Elite.

Your hands will thank you

What stands out to me immediately is the classy look of the Razer Wolverine V2. It features a rubber grip like what you get on the Elite plus some green stripes accentuate the design. The look looks great, too. According to Razer, the V2 features an ergonomic redesigned to allow better access to the bumpers and triggers. While it will take some experience to know if this is true or not, I am always open to the possibility of improving comfort. Things have come a long way since days a decade The original Duke Xbox console.

You can still get some extra functionality with Wolverine V2, although no paddles. There are two additional assignable buttons located next to the bumpers, which are sure to be useful for any game that has a bunch of input options. Once again, I recall It is an electronic game Just because it helped me greatly speed up my builds and mods by letting my thumbs remain on the look at all times.

Razer Wolverine V2 under

You sure will benefit in Likewise fast-paced games Also, as you can eliminate button rotation errors from the equation. Speaking of the reset, you can download Razer’s Controller Setup software from the Windows Store to set your preferences. This is another thing I cannot emphasize the importance of sufficiency. The developers are getting better at including in-game options for tuning the console, but with this software, you can make sure your settings are general.

Razer also announces that the console features a better button and triggers responses via standard “diaphragm” controllers. I understood what that meant, but loved Wolverine Ultimate’s response.

Razer buttons Wolverine V2

The only thing I didn’t like was the placement of the reset buttons. Those with shorter toes like me will struggle to reach them. For this reason, I found the paddles in Ultimate more practical.

Comes with concessions

When considering Wolverine V2, just keep in mind that it is a wired controller. It features a 3.5mm audio output, but that wouldn’t be good if you were planning to use a microphone. It doesn’t have Bluetooth support either. Last but not least, I feel it’s essential to point out that RGB isn’t there. This is the Razer we’re talking about, after all. You can get some RGB Chroma on Ultimate if you’re feeling too inclined.

I can go on, but I’ll leave you with this one. The Razer Wolverine V2 is a clear step up from the standard Xbox design and looks definitely worth the price for some Elite features without Elite pricing. I’m still not sure if I would pick this one over Ultimate, but it looks good for general games.

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