Sunshine Manor is now in full development after a successful Kickstart campaign

After it has been successfully funded, Sunshine Manor It is now on its way to being fully developed. The title unlocked additional extended goals including a chiptune remix, new outfits, and a small backer chapter. The developers are excited to take to the next stage of development and master their unique puzzle experience.

This title is inspired by horror movies of the 1980s. Play as Ada, who ends up trapped in ancient Aitken Manor. Using her psychic powers, she must fight demons and solve puzzles. Watch out, as the last villain might be closer, then they appear as you take the Shadow Man all over.

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Sunshine Manor he is An 8-bit bloody horror experience Where you spend the night at Sunshine Manor. Face ghosts, demons, horror and more while enjoying a unique premise of the 2016 release, Camp Sunshine.

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This game takes advantage of a unique and new engine written just for this title. Explore the ever-changing floor plan of the Haunted Mansion as you find yourself in situations from famous movies.

Travel to the world of demons and drive away demons as you slowly restore home in a unique adventure. This entire game is presented with Beautiful hand-drawn 8-bit graphics As you explore the ever-changing home.

This game is best described as a game of cat and mouse where the devil can appear anytime and anywhere. Only by being brave, facing your fears and running when needed, can a player hope to escape from the mansion in one piece.

Enjoy a soundtrack from the 1980s written for just this title. Explore a story that is driven as you try Escape from the ever-growing mansion. When you are in danger, use Ada’s psychic powers and find your way through each unique situation.

Free trapped ghosts, Enjoy spooky scenes and solve tricky puzzles While trying to make her go through a haunted experience. The developers have made sure to craft this into a unique driving experience that will keep players coming back time and time again.

This game has shredded blood and violence, but honestly, it’s fine for most ages. It takes horror in a childish way and presents it in a cute and engaging way.

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Sunshine Manor It is being developed for steam on the computer. For more information, explore Steam page, developer’s site, or previous addresses. This game serves as a prequel, so be sure to gather some history before diving deep into this haunted mansion.

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