Best Total War: Three Kingdoms mods

Mods have always been a big part of the gaming experience Total War Games And with each new release this pioneering community has grown even bigger. We are seeing now that depositors do more than ever, to fill in all the gaps and create content that Creative Assembly may not be able to bridge to add themselves across fiction and history.

Three Kingdoms is the most famous and innovative historical Total War game we’ve seen in years – as you can tell from our site Total War: Three Kingdoms review. Covering a famous historical period, especially for the Chinese gaming community, has naturally led to a lot of adaptations. Maybe not the Paradox levels, but at the time of writing there are at least 2,500+ user creations.

Not only do these elements add to make the characters more unique, but they also offer players an individual touch, which feels at home in a historical period, and which, in essence, is about heroes. Unless otherwise noted, all modifications must be compatible with the latest version (Correction 1.6.1) And all the DLCs, but let us know if we missed anything.

Best Total War: Three Kingdoms Mods

This is the best Total War: Three Kingdoms mods game:

  • Radious: Total War Mod (overhaul)
  • Make it unique (fix)
  • Wu Kingsense (Repair)
  • Under a Red Sky: Fixing a Battle (Repairing)
  • All factions can be played (Quality of Life)
  • Vanilla Remaster Units (Quality of Life)
  • The recruited unique character can use their own units (Quality of Life)
  • Respec interpersonal skills when they join you (quality of life)
  • 10 courses per year (benefit)
  • Assembly: Sandbox (utility)
  • SFO: Three Dragons (Total Transformation)

Let’s check what moders have in store …

Radius: Total War Mod

Total War mods wouldn’t be without Radioactive Ministry of Defense, And the popular group turned their attention to Total War: Three Kingdoms. This reform model has everything from new units, to new campaign mechanics, better battle balance, scripting, new traditions … you name it, they swept their brush.

The Model is so big at the moment that it currently comes in two parts, and there are plenty of sub-mods also available that have come out of the team’s fan base – letting you further design your game.

Make it unique

The Three Kingdoms period was filled with famous individuals, and to reflect this, there is a record of nearly every named character in the game. But it’s often hard to appreciate their personality when most characters use the same few repetitive images. Make it unique It is a mod that fixes this, creating new unique heroes along with a super cool artwork.

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It’s a fill-in-the-blank mod, adding unique visuals, skills and items to the heroes that should have been in the base game. These are characters like Dong Min (who is Dong Zhou’s brother very important) or Lu Zheng (heir to Zheng Jiang thief faction). Since Mandate of Heaven and A World Betrayed, more have been added, also reinforcing Three Kingdoms lack of unique female characters, with Lady Feng, Yuan Anyang and Lady Du. Altogether, it adds a touch of color to the characters’ play in the Three Kingdoms campaigns.

A collection of hand-drawn character art from Three Kingdoms

Wu Kingdaissance (V5.0.0 Nanman)

Ago Mandate of Heaven And the Treacherous world, Tons of characters have been brought to life from the venue through unique visuals and items. But that still leaves many, many who still deserve it. The Kingdaissance is basically the Ministry of Defense reskins all the main characters In Three Kingdoms, giving them new weapons, armor, attachments, models, mounts, and abilities.

It’s very important considering that she has changed over 300 characters in the game, she even went as far as to make previously non-playable characters, such as Empress He and Liu Hong, that can be used on the battlefield. It adds a lot of personality and presence, to campaigns that are already packed with characters.

Bloodstained man on horse faces an armored man at his feet

Under a Red Sky: Fix a Battle

A recent criticism by many longtime fans of historical strategy has been based on the premise that Total War battles are shorter than ever and more “arcade-like”. Whether you believe it or not, Under a red sky It is a battle game that attempts to capture a slower tactical battle experience that, as the author says, is more in line with “what you would expect from an ancient battle.”

The situation itself affects a variety of changes – whether it is changing unit roles, with spears pushing enemies back, infantry with ax acting as armor cutters, or a reformed fatigue system, with greater damage to morale and combat ability. A full list of changes can be found on Steam Workshop, but Beneath A Red Sky might be very good for those hoping to re-capture the slower battle experience of the previous Total Wars.

Chinese version of faction selection screen

All factions can be played

This is the new quality of life that has emerged out of Chinese society, and as such in Chinese languages ​​by default. However, there are additional translation functions available for English, Vietnamese, and Korean. Otherwise, All factions can be played It does exactly what it says on the box – it makes each faction playable across all start dates.

It’s compatible with some other popular mods, like Make It Unique above, but there are special compatibility guidelines on the mod page, so be sure to pay attention. She also joined another team called “The new major factionsThis mode does not need to be used, although it is in the required items list.

A group of stylish shooters marching forward

Vanilla Remaster units

After playing Three Kingdoms for a while, the units can start to appear somewhat symmetric. Not necessarily the difference between the units themselves, but rather the decoration of the individuals within those units. Vanilla Remaster units By Deema is a model that seeks to make units “look better while preserving their original feel and historical authenticity”.

These features alter things like reshape the general’s bodyguards, add decorative weapons to higher-level units, and generally add more variety wherever possible. These are little things, but they add an extra element of variety to fights. The creator has made several tweaks to this theme, some of which are more specific in DLC, like Remasters for Nanman And the Treacherous world Units.

In the game snapshot of a special character

The unique Recruited character can use their own units

In Three Kingdoms, each faction has a special unit that they can recruit, and the unique heroes belonging to this faction are the ones with this ability. But when another faction gains this hero, they lose the ability to recruit their previous factions with a unique unit. Unique character recruited They can use their own units, which is a mod that skillfully links platoon unit recruitment, meaning that even if you recruit them into your faction, they will still have access to that special unit – a way to further emphasize their individuality as a character hero.

Respec interpersonal skills when they join you

We’ve all been there. After the turns and turns gaining favor with a faction, you can finally unite them, and have that heroic character you’ve been looking at for the past 20 laps. But even though they were notable warriors, Amnesty International for some reason decided to promote them as an official instead.

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With Respec interpersonal skills when they join youThis will not be a problem again. When a new hero joins your faction, you simply have the option to reallocate all of their skill points, focusing on them whatever role you are considering.

NB: Some characters in Mandate of Heaven possess innate skills that are unaffected by this mod. Also, this mode may not work with the 1.6.1 correction.

The assembly: Sandbox

this is interesting. All it actually does is insert a text input pad into the game interface. However, if you put the correct command, it will instantly run a script that will affect the immediate change. It’s a tool developed, basically, that lets you bend the game to your whims at any given moment.

You can call it “cheats” for sure, but in a narrative-focused game like Three Kingdoms, sometimes you just want to create your own story, and you don’t necessarily want that story derailed due to the fluctuations of AI or some unlucky choice. There are links on the mod page that will take you to the list of commands, along with some examples On the page.

10 courses per year

Adjusting the amount of turns that make up a year in-game “calendar” is not a new concept, and we are not surprised to see one version of the Three Kingdoms. Since there are five seasons in 3 km, This situation effectively doubles the length of the year By making each season spread over two turns. There too 15 courses per year, If you’re totally pissed off.

This pose comes with some hiccups, for example, Zheng Jiang’s picture will look like a baby for a few turns. Users also reported some strange bugs associated with playing the Sun family and still some age issues persist in general, so just be aware.

Public art from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs

SFO: Three Dragons

I can only talk about English mods (Three Kingdoms have a very popular Chinese mod community) however Three Kingdoms SFO mod is most important. Three Dragons is a mod that, in its designers’ words, “changes every aspect of TW: 3K to be more exciting and challenging.” These changes include reworked battles, UI, units, terrain effects, heroes, and everything you can think of.

Many of you may know the SFO team and their founder, Venris, for their amazing work on Total War: Warhammer 1 and 2 mods. However, knowing their work, I believe that it is a remake of the Three Kingdoms work to watch, and that with more time and skills given to them, it will become a wonderful adaptation. you can see A full list of changes to date is here.

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