PUBG Mobile India FAQ: We answer all important questions

PUBG Mobile is set to return to India as PUBG Mobile India Very soon, the company announced earlier this week. However, the government of India has not disclosed any specific details or returns PUBG MOBILE. So far, the Indian government has banned hundreds of Chinese applications in the country and none has returned yet. Read also – PUBG Mobile India keeps all previous player stats and in-game purchases from the global version

The upcoming PUBG Mobile India will be slightly different from the original PUBG Mobile with some modifications here and there to suit Indian players. In this article, today we are trying to answer all the important questions on your mind regarding PUBG Mobile India. Also read – A teaser for the return of PUBG Mobile India has been released on Instagram and Facebook

Why has PUBG Mobile changed its name to PUBG Mobile India?

According to the company, the upcoming PUBG Mobile India game will be designed like Indian players and will stand out from the global PUBG Mobile edition. PUBG Mobile India is also said to come with new in-app features specially developed for Indian gamers. This may be the reason why the company added “India” to the name of the game. Also read – PUBG Mobile’s return may be delayed as PUBG must address government concerns first

When will PUBG Mobile India be launched in India?

The company has not announced a release date for PUBG Mobile India yet. However, PUBG Corp. has revealed via a few official teasers that the battle royale game will be available in the country very soon, and possibly in the next few months. The game will first need to address the concerns raised by the Indian government.

Will PUBG Mobile India be available as an app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store?

The original PUBG Mobile app is listed on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The same is expected from the upcoming PUBG Mobile India. A report recently revealed that the size of the PUBG Mobile app has been reduced to 610MB from 1GB for India. Lighter version called PUBG Mobile India may be possible in the country. The widget file size comes as good news for users with low-cost phones who haven’t been able to play the game on their phones yet.

Will I need to download the PUBG Mobile India app again if I already have PUBG Mobile installed on my phone?

There is no clarification on this yet. But, since PUBG Mobile India is a newly designed game for players in India, there may be chances that you will need to download the app again as soon as it becomes available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. We’ll need to wait for PUBG to shed more light on this in the coming days.

What will happen to old game saves and purchases made on PUBG Mobile?

According to several media reports, PUBG Mobile India will keep the old PUBG Mobile IDs for Indian players. This also means that all in-game items such as skin, clothes, weapons, or a royal pass purchased before PUBG Mobile was banned in India will be restored once players sign into the Indian version. However, PUBG Mobile India clarified that not all accounts banned from the global release of the game will be migrated. A report also revealed that accounts that were banned for 10 years would need to create new accounts with new IDs in order to play the game. That way, PUBG might want to help new players start their journey.

Will PUBG Mobile India have any connection to servers in China like global version?

Earlier this week, PUBG Corp announced that the privacy and data security of Indian players in PUBG Mobile India would be the top priority. PUBG is also said to conduct regular audits and checks on storage systems that hold the personally identifiable information of Indian users to enhance security and make sure their data is safely managed.

How will PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile India differ?

There will be many similarities between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile India, but the latter will also include some mods that cater to the requirements of Indian players. The company has confirmed that various aspects of PUBG Mobile India will be dedicated to Indian players. She revealed that the game would start with fully dressed characters and mitigate violent elements to suit younger players.

Can PUBG Mobile India be banned in India in the near future?

The chances are less. This is clearly because PUBG is planning to set up an Indian subsidiary to provide enhanced communications and services to the players. The company also plans to employ more than 100 employees specializing in business, esports, and game development. It will also look to effective cooperation and utilization of local companies to enhance gaming service in the country.

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