Free-to-play Super Animal Royale model adopted with new publishing deal

Independent publisher Modus games It just teamed up with developer Pixile Studios to bring it in Super Animal Royal For all Steam players for free. Prior to the partnership, over 500,000 players had enjoyed a brutal Battle Royale safari in Steam Early Access. Going to play for free will only do good things Super Animal Royal Player numbers.

Super Animal Royal It was technically free to play prior to this latest update. However, players who haven’t purchased the game have very limited access to the features. For example, you can only play solo. Now, all players can earn cosmetics by slaughtering cute creatures. You can also participate in events and take off in the new 32 vs 32 play mode.

Check out the funny and of course brutal trailer for Super Animal Royal Ad free to play. It gives an amazing sense of humor and style to the game. It reminds us a bit of a bloody cartoon Happy Tree Friends.

More deadly attraction to come

In a press release, Shane Berwith, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing at Modus Games, revealed that the move to free-to-play is just one of many exciting new things to come. Super Animal Royal.

There are currently over 300 animal breeds to choose from within the game. Plus, you can customize your character with more than 600 cosmetic items. However, Pixile Studios co-founder Michael Silverwood says the partnership with Modus Games allowed the developer to expand his ambitions. So, expect more cosmetic flair on the horizon, as well as new weapons, equipment, vehicles, and much more.

As Silverwood said: “We are excited to reach more players and introduce them to the wonderful community that has grown up around the game!”

If you want to get a free ticket to the fiercest battle royale, you can head over to steam Downloadable Super Animal Royal. You can also check The game’s official website for more information. Finally, there’s a funny mock sports show called Super Animal Royale tonight You can watch it to get to the right frame of mind. The second season of November has just been announced.

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