Amazing Cultivation Simulator is an Rimworld-style simulation game that has already sold 700,000 copies in China, and now it’s getting an English version.

An amazing farming simulator She is the latest to join a growing list of popular Steam games that are only available in Chinese. Since its early launch in January 2019, it has amassed nearly 10,000 reviews, 84 percent of which were positive. It’s very easy to see why: Amazing Cultivation Simulator is a fun-looking management simulation like Dwarf Fortress or Rimworld but is located in legendary China.

Based on a very popular fictional genre called xianxia, ​​you play as a spiritual leader looking to ascend to deity through “cultivation,” a Taoist concept in which people gain supernatural powers through the practice of meditation and martial arts. Similar to Rimworld colonies, in Amazing Cultivation Simulator you can build your own religious sect, attract and train disciples. In roguelike style, each campaign is played on a randomly generated map with different events that can be played at any time.

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