Getting the perfect furs in Red Dead Redemption 2: A Guide to Harvesting Soft Fur

Fishing is a vital part of it Red Dead Redemption 2-With dozens of animals available for skin and catalog. Hunting is great because it provides a source of food for the Arthur Morgan gang and the Dutch gang, as well as can be used to make a variety of useful things like saddles and decorations.

However, belts of perfect quality can only be used for crafting items and managing leather, perfect quality belts can be a time consuming task, especially at the start of the game. Most of the leathers you take will not be of perfect quality unless you take the appropriate steps to ensure you get the best leather possible. Fortunately, all of these steps have been compiled in the article below.

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The first step is to complete the Spines of America quest in Chapter 2. This will unlock a fence known as Seamus, a non-playable character to which you can sell carts and stolen items. This is important because you will need to be able to make the Buck Antler Trinket.

Making the Buck Antler Trinket is the most important step in the process, as it increases the quality of the skins that you take from hunted animals. So for the next step, you’ll need to track down and kill Legendary Buck, which is one of 16 mythical animals (excluding fish) available for hunting throughout the game. Legendary Buck can be found around the western side of Mt. Chan, in West Elizabeth.

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Mythical animals They can be killed with any weapon and shooting them multiple times will not affect the quality of their skin, so be sure to use your strongest weapons to kill them. Skin the animal to obtain the skin of the legendary Puck and the horns of the legendary buck. Take the pods to Seamus at Emerald Ranch to make trinkets for a fee of course. (Tip: Take the shell to the fisherman first. You can sell it to him, and the money earned will be more than enough to pay for the trinket.)

After you make the ornament, the next step is just a matter of finding the target animal and using the right weapons to kill it. When tracking animals, you will be given the option to study them by pressing R1 if you are close enough. You can also use your binoculars to close the distance by studying it from afar.

Once you do, information about the animal in question will appear on the screen, detailing the quality of its skin, as well as the appropriate weapon to kill it. Using a double-barreled rifle to kill something like a rabbit will ensure that the leather is of poor quality. A clean killing, like killing with a head injury, will ensure that the skin quality remains intact.

Most of the larger animals require a long-range rifle of some kind to take down, while smaller animals may require a warmant gun or even small arrows in order to get the best quality.

If you find yourself having trouble getting clean shots, remember to put yourself in! Cover Scent Lotion can be great for getting close to wild game, and your ability to Deadshot can be used to ensure the perfect headshot on fast-moving animals.

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If you get the chance, be sure to check out RDR2 online For a chance to track down Mythical bears Rockstar added recently. Fishing is an important part of Red Dead Redemption 2, And fun at it! Happy hunting!

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