Twitch users protest against sound removal by making their own sounds, and play rhythm games without music

Since October, Twitch has been deleting large amounts of videos due to copyright claims, leaving affected broadcasters with no means to respond or issue counter-claims. Twitch explained at the end The number of DMCA notices he receives from major record companies has increased, from “less than 50” each year to “thousands” starting in May. The recommendation for live broadcasters was to play games with the music muted, which is clearly not a good advice when it comes to rhythm games, or games that don’t have the option to mute the music separately from the other sound.

at the same time, Videos are muted on some streaming devices due to sound effects, With prompts via Audible Magic automatic content recognition software. These allegations can be challenged, but it remains frustrating for those affected by the content identifier software that cannot distinguish between copyrighted sound and grandfather clock chime noise in a horror game.

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