Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Well-Traveled: How to open the well

It’s not immediately clear what you need to do to open the well in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and solve the mystery. If you are, like us, stuck in the same segment, we have created an end-to-end summary of how to successfully complete the Well-Traveled mission.

It took a few tries, some hiccups, and some inner screaming for us to get our way. In the room you will find a single ray, originating from the Sun Stone, which will henceforth be called the original Sunstone, just so we can direct ourselves. Firms are a source of strength in Valhalla, so you can usually point them toward something to power her, but that’s not apparent at first in this endeavor if you haven’t discovered similar sources in the vast open world.

We specifically had an issue with where the package was being filmed, and aside from some “very helpful” hints from Havi, there wasn’t much to go through. So here’s how to complete a Well-Traveled quest in AC Valhalla and open the well.

How to open a well in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The first thing you want to do is split the beam, Havi hints at. You can do this by going into the original solar stone and directing its beam into a prism above the door – this is the golden pyramid-shaped thing above the arch you entered through. It is directly opposite the origin of the solar stone.


You now have two rays coming out of the prism. You need to direct them to both sides of the outriggers in the well basin. You can do this by linking each ray through several solar stones until you reach a solar stone that can be directed at a base.

One of these is easy. When you stand under the post and look at the room, one of its beams should be pointing at the nearest solar stone on the left side. Link this ray across the left Sun Stone until it reaches the next stone along the original Sun Stone. From here, you should be able to point it down toward the base on the top left of the tub.

The Assassins - Creed-Valhalla - Traveled

For the right beam, you need to fasten it from the right solar stone to a second solar stone below the basin. This solar stone cannot hit another base surface yet, but the pedestal can be moved. Push it into the back of the well, near the original Sun Stone, then go back to the beam to see if you can hit the base yet.

You may need to go back and forth between the beam and the base, adjusting one and then the other, before you get it completely, but it shouldn’t take long.

This is how you can open the well in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and complete the Well-Traveled mission. For more website guides – check out Where you can find Thor’s Hammer in ValhallaAnd well Excalibur website.

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