PUBG MOBILE Unban: 5 things about PUBG’s India plans

The Indian government banned PUBG MOBILE earlier this year, saying it poses a threat to national security. Additionally, the Indian government has also banned hundreds of other Chinese apps in the country and removed them from Google Play Store and Apple App Store including the popular TikTok, BeautyPlus, Camscanner, among others. Although there have been no reports of TikTok or other banned Chinese apps returning, PUBG Corporation announced Thursday that PUBG MOBILE will return to India soon, but just like PUBG MOBILE INDIA. We are simplifying PUBG’s plans for India related to PUBG MOBILE in five points. Read also – PUBG MOBILE will be back in India soon, but as PUBG MOBILE INDIA


PUBG Corp., together with parent company KRAFTON, announced the return of PUBG MOBILE to India as PUBG MOBILE INDIA. The company hasn’t officially revealed why it changed the name of the country’s battle royale game, but adding “INDIA” to the name clearly shows that PUBG wants to target patriotic sentiments. Read also – PUBG Corp Recruitment in India: Is PUBG Mobile Unblocked?

After PUBG MOBILE was banned, several Indian companies introduced battle royale games in the country to fill the void PUBG MOBILE left. With the relaunch of PUBG MOBILE INDIA, the company aims to target other “made in India” battle royale games such as nCore Games’ FAU-G, which is scheduled to launch later this month. Read also – The ministry notes that it is unlikely to reverse the PUBG Mobile ban in India

It will be designed for Indian users

PUBG MOBILE INDIA is a new game designed and built specifically for the Indian market. PUBG and KRAFTON have revealed plans to provide a safe and healthy gaming environment along with investments to develop local video games, esports, entertainment and IT industries. The company also plans to build and enhance a healthy gaming environment by optimizing and adapting in-game content to reflect local needs. PUBG has also revealed that the game will include a feature that places restrictions on game time to promote healthy playing habits for younger players.

Privacy and security is a top priority

PUBG Corp. has announced that the privacy and security of Indian players’ data will be a top priority for the company. The company also announced that it will conduct regular audits and verifications on storage systems that contain personally identifiable information of Indian users to enhance security and ensure that their data is safely managed.

More focus on local investments

In cooperation with parent company KRAFTON, PUBG Corp. plans to make a US $ 100 million investment in India to develop local video games, esports, entertainment and IT industries. PUBG announced that the company plans to make investments by hosting exclusive esports events in India, which will feature the largest tournaments, largest prize pools and best tournament productions.

A dedicated team set up in India

PUBG has announced plans to create an Indian subsidiary to provide enhanced communications and services to players. The company is said to employ more than 100 employees specializing in business, esports, and game development. PUBG said it will also look to effective collaboration and leveraging local companies to boost gaming service in the country.

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