Panda Global launches esports data and analytics website, begins with Super Smash Bros.

Panda Global announced its statistical website, PGstats, on November 13. With a hub for displaying pro player info, data and crashes, the platform is dedicated to fulfilling its duties to fans and management alike. The site will also contain videos, analytical content, and more.

The data-driven website Panda Global launched will be for Super Smash Bros.. Professional players who entered the category in one of the largest tournament databases on the Internet, It also promises full data of players based on their stats during their matches and participating tournaments. During their video ad, the website looks to highlight your win percentage, profit and loss history, even a graph that outlines their position over time, rankings by season, and position compared to seeds over time.

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Although the video warns that the website is still under development and features are still subject to change, it is as comprehensive as an all-in-one terminal for all kinds. Super Smash Bros.Related esports. Divided between Melee and Ultimate Releases of the game, viewers can also watch vods with filtering according to characters versus characters, players, and more. Of course, PGstats also include numbers for the fighting game characters and their epic arrangement.

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The company’s official blog post states that it aims to create “a smarter Smash scene, more educated, and most importantly, more curious about the inner workings of the games they play.” They also added that Panda Global will offer paid opportunities for writers and game fans who want to view analytical content. This goal aims to get the player base discussing more interactions and mechanisms in the game than ever before.

Jackie Peanuts, Growth Director at PGStats, added his insights to the newly announced Game Center Insights. “I want to empower the professional player trying to find an advantage; the rookie is trying to find the inspiration he needs to make the next big jump, 0-2 just trying to find a foothold in the game, and everyone in between,” says Peanuts.

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The director also has esports fans all over the world in mind. He adds that the stories during the tournaments are just as important as the competition itself, and traveling around the country or the world is not a privilege for every fan. So he wants a piece of internet for all tournament attendees to share interactions with fans, players, or whatever happened during the live events.

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