The third season of Fall Guys will be bigger and better according to Mediatonic

The hype about Mediatonic Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout It’s been dropping recently, but the great battle royale game still works well in terms of player count and engagement. With the growing interest in it, this has also led players to demand more developers. On this front, the studio has been working hard to come up with more regular content updates to meet demand with Season 2. Mid-season update, With more exotic costumes thrown in well. However, this is not enough for some parts of society. Fall guys Season 3 is going to have a lot of work.

Go to RedditA couple of community managers were willing to talk more about the mid-season update. Additionally, they also dropped more information regarding the Fall guys Season 3. As a whole, the team at Mediatonic are confident of having more levels at launch compared to this season. According to community manager Oliver Hendel, the studio is also hiring employees, and the investment in the team has allowed for bigger plans in the future.

Future plans

The commitment to making the game bigger and better has increased. Given the overall response as well as love for the game, this shouldn’t be surprising. The breakout success was definitely a surprise at launch. Mediatonic responded by seeking more talent to join the studio. These plans are in place now, with Val Jays S.Eason 3 who aims to bear fruit.

Mediatonic Laying Plans For A Big Fall Guys Season 3 (1)

For the time being, we know that a certain round planned for the mid-season refresh has been postponed Fall guys third season. Aside from that, very little is known about what will come next for Jelly Beans. The studio communications sure give players hope that things will improve. With active listening to the community’s comments, this is always a good sign. Here’s hoping to get a bigger spot when Fall guys Season three finally arrives.

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