Phasmophobia now has a new patch that allows dead players to throw things

Phasmophobia It is the game where players can team up and go on their ghost hunting adventure series. Everyone has a role and dedicated monitoring equipment, hoping to capture initial shots of signals from the other side.

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An unmistakable, collaborative psychological horror title steam, sound. It has an abundance of positive reviews, which only go to show how fun ghost hunting with friends really is. The developer is not planning to discontinue their improvements either, although the game has only been around since September.

They have already made plans to make the Ghosts smarter, as well as adding a host of other quality improvements to give players a perfect and consistent experience. If you are interested in seeing the other surprises the developer has in store for fans, you are in luck.

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A new patch has now been released that addresses something gamers have wanted for months. This is the ability to throw things even after you are dead. Before this update, you just had to sit down and watch your team cheat if you let a ghost take you out.

This causes a problem if you unfortunately die early in the match because you are playing with your thumb. Now, if things don’t vibrate as you originally planned, you can throw things away.

It’s a nice consolation instead of waiting for the match to end, and not being able to do anything. You can mess around with your colleagues as they try to find the ghost’s whereabouts with better results.

It’s amazing to see how Phasmophobia It evolved in such a short period of time. It’s a fresh entry in a very busy space. Fans have loved the collaborative design where they can and others collaborate together in hopes of further success in their paranormal fulfillment.

This latest correction is just the tip of the iceberg regarding future plans Kinetic games. Another update that gets the community excited is the prison level. The developer has confirmed that it is currently under implementation, but there are no specific plans for a release date yet.

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Moving around Necessary The house is already creepy enough, so you can only imagine the amount of tension there would be a ghost chase inside a dark and creepy prison. It can take this game to new heights, especially if the developer continues these corrections.

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