The new Resident Evil Village footage contains dangerous vibes from Resident Evil 4

As part of Sony’s PS5 promotion efforts, the company released a video with tennis player Naomi Osaka testing the device. The first half of the clip above is mostly Spider Man: Miles Morales, but from 1:45 onwards, we get our first real look at the PC attached to it. Resident Evil Village, also known as Resi 8.

There is a lot to be learned from these clips, not least the fact that the inspiration for this game is clearly some of Resident Evil 4.’s greatest moments. We see player character Ethan. Explore a mostly deserted village“Are they outside?” Asks Osaka. , Indicating that this is the opening area. There is a glimpse of an elderly, non-playable character, hiding with a rifle, that is sure to die in a horrific way. Your character can jump, climb over obstacles, and slide in one short clip A drop appears from the surface That refers to a new vertical design in the series environment.

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