Phil Spencer says Microsoft is not looking to buy Japanese developers

Just two days ago, we reported that Microsoft was Looking forward to Japanese developers For its next round of acquisitions. The news came from a Bloomberg Report He said the tech giant had contacted several Japanese game development companies, and none had been revealed due to the fact that the dealings were private, with the aim of buying them. Nothing came of the supposed conversations, and rumor factories were left swirling around the companies Microsoft contacted. But as far as Xbox chief Phil Spencer knows, Microsoft isn’t planning to select any outside developers anytime soon.

in a Interview with Gamespot’s Tamour Hussain, Spencer said he does not believe there is any truth to the story, although he did not say Bloomberg had spread lies. “I don’t think so. I say, I don’t think so … I mean, I’m not at every team meeting that every team holds,” he said. “But I’ll say not from me. Most of the opportunities we’ve had so far have been a long-term relationship, and so, I don’t think we’re out there with our business card, throwing it in the corner, trying to find people.”

Moving to the Asian market

Phil Spencer still shared his affinity for Japan in the interview, despite his assertion that the report that Microsoft was looking to Japanese developers was “inaccurate”. However, it appears that Microsoft may be looking beyond Japan, not for developers to buy for everyone, but for new business opportunities. Spencer went on to say that every country in Asia has a very different market. XCloud and Gamepass have been a hit in Korea, for example, with users playing on mobile devices rather than computers or consoles.

Project Xcloud Streaming to be free with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in September (1)

Microsoft’s plans for Japan do not appear to be firm, or at least Phil Spencer says. “I’d say I don’t think I’m going to go to Japan and outdo the Japanese console makers with Xbox,” Spencer said. “I hope to do so, but not in the plan I wrote, but we will work really hard to have the best generation we’ve ever experienced in Japan and the same in Korea and China.”

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