Xbox Series X and Series S consoles will go on sale starting today in India

Microsoft is fully working with the new Xbox consoles and arguably looks really promising. The X Series brings a lot of new gaming goodies to the table while the S Series makes next-generation console gaming more accessible to fans. Both consoles are put up for sale from today across many online retailers as well as offline retailers. You can head to Flipkart, Amazon, Reliance Digital and other offline retailers to make the purchase. Read also – Xbox Series S game installation space detected: You may need to purchase storage expansion

The Xbox Series X is the main gaming console this year, with some new things enticing gamers. For starters, Series X comes with Microsoft’s promising Quick Resume plus faster game load times. The S Series offers most of the features of the X Series at an affordable price, which reduces the quality of gameplay a bit. If you love games and want to fix whether to pick a new Xbox or opt for an entry-level PC, we’re here to help. Read also – Apple TV and Streaming Apps will be available on Microsoft’s Xbox consoles on November 10

Xbox Series X, Series S: 5 reasons to look at it

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1- The Xbox Series X is affordable, considering its contents. At 50,000 rupees, the Series X console delivers 4K gaming, something no other gaming computer can achieve at this price. In fact, the S Series at Rs. 34,990 offers similar levels of gaming at a price that is hard to find a gaming PC.

2. The X Series offers ray tracing games, something you can only find on gaming PCs, at a cost of over Rs 1 lakh. Ray tracing is the next big thing in the gaming world, as it completely changes the way we look at console games. It delivers noticeable improvements in graphics performance as well as the perceived visual quality.

3. Microsoft uses faster SSD storage on the Xbox Series S and Series X consoles, meaning game load times are on par with what you’d expect from purpose-built gaming platforms. On top of that, new consoles feature Quick Resume that leaves the game in the background and lets you return to where you left it – all without saving it.

4. The Xbox console itself received a minor upgrade using a new Share button. However, you can expect better haptic reactions with all games. Haptic feedback helps a lot to provide a good gaming experience.

5. For the cost of these consoles, the Xbox Series X and Series S can let you easily play the latest titles. Thus, if you buy it now, the new Xbox consoles will allow you to play the latest titles like Assasin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion.

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