Beyond the Light – turning the overall Europa Crux Convergence event into heroic

The Crux Convergence is a New Year’s event in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. You will encounter this occasionally while exploring Europe. Oh, and you can turn it into heroic, too. Here is our guide to help you.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Heroic Crux Convergence Year in Europe

Crux Convergence’s public event core Destiny 2: Beyond Light This is:

  • Three towers will appear in the area. Looks like a small version of Head of the rebellion From the scourge of the last raid. These mechanisms are completely protected initially.
  • There will be a hierarchical portion floating nearby. If you are standing under the pyramid, you will slowly “cover” this area.
  • By completely covering the pyramid, you will remove a shield from one of the towers. You can then destroy it.
  • Repeat the same steps when the next two pyramids spawn until you can also eliminate the last two pyramids in a row.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Crux Convergence Heroic 1

Sounds simple enough, right? The tricky part, however, is turning the Crux Convergence public event into heroic. This is because it requires you to shoot down several drones flying around every part of the pyramid.

Drones are relatively weak and easy to destroy. Unfortunately, a problem occurs when there are too many blueberries around and they fail the process. If a lot of people are covering a pyramid and the drones are still high, then that pyramid will disappear and you will lose your chance to transform into heroic mode.

D2bl Crxconv

In any case, if I take out all the drones for each pyramid, a fallen Commodore appears at the end. This is Insurrection Prime-lite (it’s as big as the raid boss, but uses some fairly basic attacks like brigs). Turned into scrap metal, it will complete the heroic version of the Europa Crux Convergence General Event.

If you want to know how it goes, you can watch the video below from YouTuber DPJ:

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